By Shane Chuning

When you hear the name Gold Tip in the archery industry, you think of toughness and durability. The Hunter series of arrows have been a main stay in the Gold Tip line-up for years, with a proven track record. That has not stopped and they continue to produce one of the best arrows on the market today.

The Hunter series is offered in three grades of arrows:  The first one we will talk about is what they call their ‘good grade’ arrow. These are offered in +/-.006 tolerances for straightness and +/- 2 grains tolerances for weight. The Hunter arrows will be for those on a budget and not looking to spend anything extra than they have too, but still want to enjoy shooting their bow. You also have those people that don’t want to be afraid of wasting arrows due to the cost of the higher end ones.  For those, this would be a great option.

Spine consistency is critical and you don’t get much better than the Gold Tip Pro Hunters. Spine consistency is critical and you don’t get much better than the Gold Tip Pro Hunters.

The next grade Gold Tip offers is the Hunter XT’s. These are probably the most popular selling arrow in their lineup. They come in with a rating on straightness of +/- .003 and weight tolerances of +/- 2 grains. These are a ‘very solid midrange arrow’ and what they consider their ‘better choice’ when selecting arrows. I will say when testing them you have a 50/50 chance of having some arrows that will probably test as tight as their best choice, the Pro Hunters, just giving you that tip from personal experience. Overall, they are a very solid choice for those not wanting to step up to the Pro Series and you will see very good performance out of them.

image1 (25)Last but not least, the Pro Hunters.  These would be my personal choice when choosing the Gold Tip arrows. They come in with a rating for straightness of +/- .001 and a weight tolerance of +/- .5, which is right up there with the top tolerances in the industry. When testing these they have always been very, very tight and it makes tuning and broadhead flight so forgiving. The straighter the arrow generally means you will have tighter spine variances throughout the circumference of the shaft. You might ask what this gives you over the other options. It will give you tighter groups, better broadhead flight, unmatched down range accuracy and make tuning go so much easier for those working on and setting up your bow.

A very common question in the industry is, “What arrows should I shoot and what grade?” To answer the first question as to “What arrows to shoot?”  You will get many different answers here depending on who you ask. I will say, when choosing Gold Tip, you will have the confidence knowing that you have a very solid, tough arrow with a great choice on different grades to fit anyone’s budget. When it comes to choosing what grade, I always recommend you buy what you can afford. This means don’t skimp if you can afford better. You will be glad you did when you see the results down range.