By Dan Kidder

Managing Editor

Sportsman’s Warehouse was founded in 1986 with a vision of providing the best outdoor products to consumers, supported by knowledgeable local associates who knew not only everything they could about the gear, but also the best hot spots and honey holes where it could be used.

Based out of Midvale, Utah, Sportsman’s Warehouse has expanded across the country and currently has 95 stores ranging from Alaska to North Carolina, but has previously mainly served the intermountain West. In 2019, they also added a full-service, professional Gunsmithing Center.

Eight new stores, purchased from Field & Stream, will turn over in the next month, with the stores aimed to open mid to late October. The new locations are Elmira, NY; Rochester, NY; Washington, PA; Altoona, PA; Camp Hill, PA; Greensboro, NC; Asheville, NC; and Troy, MI.

“We are very pleased to announce the expansion of our current 95 stores through the acquisition of eight Field & Stream locations. Each of these stores operate in strong markets, with well-established customer bases. We look forward to serving these communities with our continued strong commitment to provide outstanding gear and exceptional service to inspire outdoor memories.” said Jon Barker, Chief Executive Officer.

The expansion follows Sportsman’s Warehouse sustainable growth strategy of providing under-served customers a major outdoor retail experience in markets where there is a demand for a major outdoor outfitter.

Fulfilling their slogan to “Gear Up for Unforgettable”, Sportsman’s Warehouse is uniquely poised to be successful in markets where others have struggled because they manage to connect with those customers as fellow outdoorsmen and women. They strive to hire and retain experienced outdoors enthusiasts who are actively engaged in the outdoor lifestyle.

Their associates include world-champion sporting clays competitors, fishing television celebrities, “Top-Shot” contenders, and world-renowned big game hunters, just to name a few.

It is this connection to local hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, and hiking communities that creates a loyal customer base.

And while connectedness is a strong draw for outdoor enthusiasts, price is also a key factor. Sportsman’s Warehouse has a solid reputation as being a price leader in the outdoor retail universe, thanks to straightforward retail spaces that utilize every square foot efficiently to provide maximum selection. Their position in the marketplace gives them tremendous purchasing power that they are able to pass on to consumers.

This triple-punch of knowledgeable local staff, premium selection, and great value make them a strong force working for consumers to help them make the most of their outdoor experience. But Sportsman’s Warehouse doesn’t stop there. They also provide workshops, classes, training, and information to users of the outdoors so they can have more fun and success.

Each local store is deeply involved in their community, sponsoring banquets, working with wildlife agencies, and hosting local experts on a variety of topics from fly tying to concealed carry certification. Additionally, they provide customers with this publication, Sportsman’s News, filled with how-to articles and reviews of the latest gear. This information is available in print in all of their stores, and also on their website at

All of this is aimed at not only providing customers with a superior shopping experience, but also becoming a comprehensive resource for anyone venturing outdoors.

As Sportsman’s Warehouse grows into new brick-and-mortar locations, they are simultaneously ramping up their web presence with better online shopping, information, education, and a wider selection of products that are available to ship for free to their stores from if they don’t have it on hand. 

As Sportsman’s Warehouse expands to more regions of the nation, the information they provide will evolve to encompass the various outdoor activities in the new areas.

Sportsman’s News has already begun this transition. For years our focus was on western big game hunting, but we have branched out and have recently included articles on kayaking in Michigan, hiking National Parks, fishing in Louisiana, and much more. Sportsman’s News is committed to creating content that is relevant to all of our readers, everywhere in the country.

To make sure we are covering topics you want to read about, we encourage you to reach out to us with your story ideas by email to This is also the address to send your story submissions for our outdoor writer’s contest.

As for the opening of the new stores, click the individual store links above to find the grand opening dates of the store nearest you, or see all of their store locations at Sportsman’s Warehouse associates are standing ready to assist you in all 103 locations from coast-to-coast, no matter what outdoor activities you enjoy.