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To celebrate a hunt, a hunter sometimes tips back a cold one, but there are many choices in craft brews. How do you choose a beer to serve with your deer meat?


A strictly DIY Alaskan fishing destination for the more experienced fisherman, with the lodge situated only a short distance from the mouth of Blind Slough....


Whether you shoot in competition, conceal carry, law enforcement, etc, you should dry fire. It's a great way to practice without spending a lot of money on ammo


Perhaps it’s band-wagoning, but I’m gonna do it anyway; let’s set a new year’s resolution. I’ll make my resolution about clarity and focus. Yep, how trendy ....


If you get stranded in a snowstorm, you could wait hours or even days before help can get to you. Stay comfortable and safe with a little bit of preparation ...


Testing a binocular in a real-world environment provides you much more than looking at them in the store or even heading out to the parking lot during the day.


We all make New Year’s Resolutions. To be more frugal, lose weight, etc. Here is a list of Ten New Year’s Resolutions specifically for the outdoorsman and woman

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It goes against my better judgment to share such a special place with complete strangers; it is indeed my duty as a member of the Sportsman’s News team to ...