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If you need to purchase ammo for your next hunting expedition, keep these tips in mind when choosing rounds. Your selections should depend on the hunting ...

Hunting Shooting

If you’re hunting for the right gift for the hunter in your life, scope out these ideas we’ve put together to take some of the uncertainty out of your ...

Hunting Clothing Shooting Cooking

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that can be a tough holiday to shop for if your significant other has very little interest in chocolates, ...

Shooting Camping

Why Roll Your Own? Save Money. Better Precision. Quality Control. More variety.


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With the vast array of after-market shotgun chokes available today, choosing the right one for your gun can seem a daunting task. Here’s some information ...

Shooting Hunting

Few things in the world of modern firearms can compare to the combination of power, versatility and effectiveness of a shotgun. Since the early 19th century ...


With demand low and manufacturers having ramped up supply to meet the demand of the last panic buy, now is the best time in over a decade to buy, build, or ...


By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

As a firearms instructor, I get to see how the average Joe and Jane handle firearms when they are not all ...