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Young has been bow hunting for 33 years, but he wasn’t always so successful with turkeys. When he first started, it took him...


Thrift may be one of the sport’s top competitors, but his favorite aspect of the sport is actually how accessible and available it is to all ages and skill...


Miculek started shooting competitively when she was just eight years old, with a .22 pistol and rifle.


If you’re like most of us outdoorsy people, you’re undoubtedly feeling the cabin fever pretty strongly right now. It’s spring, we’re supposed to be out there...

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It is almost time to head back out into the field for spring turkeys. Here is a list of essential gear to get you prepared and make your hunt a successful one.


Having an inexpensive-to-shoot clone of your carry gun provides a great deal of versatility in training with your defensive tool. Since people tell me that ...