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Perhaps it’s band-wagoning, but I’m gonna do it anyway; let’s set a new year’s resolution. I’ll make my resolution about clarity and focus. Yep, how trendy ....


We all make New Year’s Resolutions. To be more frugal, lose weight, etc. Here is a list of Ten New Year’s Resolutions specifically for the outdoorsman and woman

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Think about your intended use, assess your favorite lures and techniques, apply the information and you’ll end up with a rod that is best suited to your needs.


The world is vast and the adventures are waiting, it takes research and planning but the memories you create will make every step of preparation well worth it.

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One extremely valuable lesson in taking trophy photos is that there is usually one pose or angle that will show this trophy to be as good as it can possibly be.

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For many of us, spending time outdoors is therapeutic. Whether waiting on a whitetail or calling in a spring gobbler, half of the fun is just being outdoors...

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I’m guilty. Bill Dance is guilty, too. Hank Parker is guilty and for that matter so are the majority of other fishing TV show hosts. We all know better, yet ...


No matter what you plan on doing outdoors, it’s important to dress properly. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need the most expensive stuff with the biggest...

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Some of you loyal readers may know that ‘yours truly’ hosts a TV show titled Fishful Thinker TV. We’re now in our 18th season, meaning we’ve filmed 234 ...


"The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win‚" is a quote that is commonly associated with coach Bobby Knight. While Mr. Knight did not...