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To celebrate a hunt, a hunter sometimes tips back a cold one, but there are many choices in craft brews. How do you choose a beer to serve with your deer meat?


Testing a binocular in a real-world environment provides you much more than looking at them in the store or even heading out to the parking lot during the day.


We all make New Year’s Resolutions. To be more frugal, lose weight, etc. Here is a list of Ten New Year’s Resolutions specifically for the outdoorsman and woman

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Whether someone wants to bag a bucket-list bird not found near home, see a rocket launch, or just enjoy some good shooting in beautiful scenery, Florida has ...


The world is vast and the adventures are waiting, it takes research and planning but the memories you create will make every step of preparation well worth it.

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If you are like me and have a mother who is willing to go out and experience a day afield with you, don’t put it off. Take her out to make a lifelong memory ...


If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable semi-auto shotgun with outstanding performance, look no further than the newly redesigned SBE3 from Benelli...

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We put together some of the best gift ideas to make gift-giving for the nature lover in your life easier. Whether it's hunting, fishing, or camping, we have ...

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Anyone who applies can draw a bighorn sheep tag. The thing most hunters don’t understand is how little time there is to prepare between mid-June and mid-August.


This mature buck spotted us and had obviously played this game before and knew it well. I said, “that’s Einstein type of smarts right there” and the line stuck.