Camp Chef Cooler 70
Meal preparation in camp means being able to keep your food and beverages cold to prevent spoilage. The Camp Chef Cooler 70 provides all of the benefits of an extreme cooler, with small details that set it apart and make it uniquely Camp Chef. The 70-liter spacious interior will hold a lot of food, drinks and ice; and the included wire basket will keep delicate items out of direct contact with the ice. Reversible rubber feet allow it to either slide or grip, depending upon your preference. Removable heavy-duty carrying handles allow tie downs to be used in the handle slots for even more secure anchoring. Strong rubber latches and an airtight rubber gasket, ensure your food stays cold for days. Made of a tough rotomolded plastic and featuring an over engineered steel hinge, the Camp Chef Cooler 70 will withstand serious abuse in the backcountry.

Arctic Ice Alaskan Series
Filled with a proprietary blend, these freezer blocks manage to keep beverages just above freezing and will stay cold for days, in a tightly sealed cooler. Available in four sizes; .75, 1.5, 2.5, and 5 pounds, the Alaskan Series will fit a variety of coolers or differing sizes. They freeze in your home freezer in about 5-hours and will last for days, keeping your items icy cold. Their tough plastic exterior prevents puncture or breakage that can let the contents leak out. Using these blocks keeps your food from getting soggy from melted ice and is a great technique to keep everything cold for the duration of your trip.

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Stainless Base Camp Kit
Taking the innovative double walled water kettle of the Kelly Kettle to the next level is the introduction of the Ultimate Base Camp Kit. The Kelly Kettle uses an inner chamber with a center chimney, atop a biomass stove, to rapidly boil water. Now, they have included a pot holder; hobo stove; stainless steel pot, pan, lid, cups and plates; a foldable grill and other accessories to make their kettle an entire cooking system. While you use sticks and twigs to build your fire for heating your water, you can also utilize the once-wasted energy escaping out of the chimney to cook other foods. All the accessories stack inside one another to fit into the included nylon storage bag and easily be transported to camp.

Emberlit Fire Ant Multi-Fuel Stove
Most multi-fuel stoves let you use either propane or isobutane as fuel, but the Emberlit Fire Ant is truly a versatile companion that uses wood and twigs from the trail, as well as spirit burners or fuel tablets. It is made of tough stainless steel or titanium for even more weight reduction. The SS version weighs only 6.5 ounces and the TI version weighs in at 3.5 ounces. Both versions fold completely flat and fit into an envelope smaller than a pouch of tuna fish. Even though light, thin and compact, the Fire Ant will hold a fully loaded Dutch oven and easily handle lighter camp pots and pans. Its innovative design ensures you get maximum heat from your fuel source by properly regulating air intake. It is easy to assemble and very quick to get lit and heating.

KUJU Coffee
Not only is the innovative brewing packet of KUJU coffee an easy way to take your favorite java with you, it is amazingly tasty coffee. Available in three roasts, the dark Bold Awakening, the medium Basecamp Blend and the light Angle’s Landing, the beans are sourced from a farm that employs women rescued from sex slavery and a portion of every sale is donated to the National Parks Foundation. The founders of KUJU Coffee come by their good citizenship honestly, as both are Eagle Scouts. Inside the sealed packet is a paper filter with fold out wings that wrap over the lip of your mug. Simply tear off the perforated strip on the top of the filter and slowly pour your hot water in to get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, even in the most remote locations. And it is less expensive and better tasting than you would get from an overpriced national chain.

MSR Stowaway Pots
Whether you are cooking on a stove or over an open campfire, nothing transfers heat better than stainless steel. The MSR Stowaway Pots are made from durable stainless steel and come in three sizes; 475 milliliter, 1.1 liter, and 1.6 liter and feature a tight lid with a folding handle. The handle snaps into place out of the way over the lid for storage, keeping your pot and any contents, such as a backpacking stove, secure. They are affordable and versatile camp cooking companions.

Camp Chef Everest Two-Burner Camping Stove
With two high pressure 20,000 BTU burners, this portable powerhouse provides the power of a much larger stove in a portable package. The lid connects to two, fold-out wind guards giving you protection from the wind from three directions. When closed, the aluminum lid protects the nickel-plated steel cooking grate and burners during transport. The stove has fully adjustable knobs and a piezo electric ignition, so you don’t have to lose the hair on your knuckles trying to get it lit. It runs on one-pound portable propane tanks, but Camp Chef also has an optional adapter to allow it to run off larger barbecue-style bulk tanks.

UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Firepit
A lightweight and backpackable solution for places where uncontained fires are prohibited is the UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Firepit. Made of stainless steel with a steel base, the grill folds up to less than 1.5-inches thick and weighs just 3.2 pounds, so it is light and takes minimal pack space, but provides 130 square inches of grilling surface. The side walls act as a windbreak, but vent holes allow it to be used with wood as well as charcoal briquettes. The nylon carrying bag contains all the parts as well as mitigating soot transfer from the grill to your clean clothes in your pack. The grill can go from carrying bag to fully set up in under 30 seconds with a little practice.

Camp Chef Pro 60X Stove
For those who like to bring everything to camp but the kitchen sink, Camp Chef offers a stove worthy of your range at home. The Pro 60X is an all new design offering two 30,000 BTU burners for serious cooking. Improved foldout legs lock easily into place and feature integrated levelers for use on uneven surfaces. A 448-square-inch cooking surface with heavy steel grate makes this stove a campers’ dream.

Stanley Steel Pot + French Press
For those who are heavier coffee drinkers, the Steel Pot + French Press from Stanley is an ideal backcountry companion. It is a useful stainless steel cooking pot for boiling water or heating stew, but also has a high temperature nylon sleeve that acts like a French press for brewing your loose, ground Joe. The vented lid is made of the same thermal resistant nylon and has rubber fins for a tight seal so you don’t dribble your precious liquid out the sides while pouring out of the ample spout on the French press insert. Two folding wire handles on the side conform to the roundness of the pot to stay out of the way when stowed, but offer ample grip when in use and act as a heat sink to cool quickly so you don’t burn your paws. The 32-ounce pot is ideal for brewing several cups of coffee at once or for some people, one perfect cup to start your day. The French press does make a nice guard so you don’t burn your lip if you drink straight from the pot. I won’t judge.

Camp Chef Stryker 150 Backpacking Stove
For a lightweight, but robust option, the self-contained Stryker 150 from Camp Chef provides a propane powered mighty burner with a heat ring to increase efficiency. The 1.3-liter aluminum pot is wrapped in an insulated sleeve to retain heat and protect your hands from heat. Inside, it is marked with graduated units to make mixing with freeze-dried camping meals a breeze. The Stryker includes a base for your 1-pound portable propane tank that has extendable fins for increased stability on uneven surfaces. An electric ignition on the burner means no matches or lighters are needed to get it lit. The Stryker is so efficient that it will bring half a liter of water to a boil in under two minutes. Additional accessories like a tea kettle, frying pan and 1.5 liter cooking pot, all incorporate the heat ring technology to save fuel and get dinner on the able more quickly. Without a fuel canister, the Stryker weighs 22.6 ounces and both the stove and stabilizing base store inside the pot and the locking handle snaps in place to hold on the lid.