By Heather Madsen

Getting ready for an archery tag? Here are some of our top picks for compound bows that will help you have a successful hunt and a full freezer this season.

Diamond Deploy SB - RAK Package

5 Stars

The Deploy SB features an aerospace-inspired carbon riser, for minimal weight and maximum impact. The Bowtech Binary Cam system powers this bow at speeds up to 330 FPS, while giving exceptional tunability, and a simple, hassle-free adjustment of draw length and let-off. This model is right handed and comes in the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern, so you have stealth and power on your side.

Diamond Edge 320

5 Stars

As with the entire Edge Series, the adjustability of the Edge 320 makes it the perfect bow for the beginning and experienced archer alike, with the ease of tunability that only the Synchronized Binary Cam System offers. Looking for a little extra punch? The Edge 320 generates 320 FPS of game-stopping power to take on any hunting challenge. Get the premium performance at a price too good to pass up.

Diamond Infinite 305

5 Stars

Get Maximum performance and ease of adjustability, not to mention killer looks. It’s all in the new Infinite 305 at a price tag you wouldn’t expect. Engineered for any hunting situation, in any environment, or backyard recreational use. The draw length range of 12 inches, and 63 pounds of draw weight is quickly and easily adjusted without the need of a bow press. With the Infinite 305, the opportunities are endless.

Xpedition Archery Mako HD - Sportsman's Warehouse Exclusive

5 Stars

An upgraded version of an Xpedition favorite, the Mako HD blends the attributes of the popular Mako X with the adjustability and hard-hitting performance of the XS-HD cam system, which lets the shooter fine tune their draw length. The Mako HD is an exclusive model offered at Sportsman’s Warehouse for the 2021 season. This bow has all the attributes of a high-end flagship model with a budget-minded price point.

Xpedition Archery MX-16


Built off of the excellent Mako X base, the MX-16 was developed with precision forging and a caged riser designed to be incredibly stable while reducing shot noise and vibration. It also features a new limb pocket system that maintains perfect alignment through the entire power stroke of the bow. This bow is also powered by the new Hybrid Duel Stop (HDS) cam which lets archers fine-tune the stop to their exact shooting style.

Xpedition Archery Xcursion 7 HD

5 Stars

The Xcursion HD models are the next step in fast hunting. Traditional thinking has always been that to have the convenience and adjustability of a rotating mod, you have to give up a great deal of efficiency and speed. The Xcursion HD series shatters that perception with speeds in excess of 344 FPS. This model is also outfitted with the XS-HD cam system, which lets the shooter fine tune their draw length.

PSE Bow Madness Unleashed

5 Stars

The Bow Madness Unleashed from PSE is the ultimate combination of quality and affordability. Built on a stiffer and stronger angled riser, this high-speed hunting machine utilizes PSE's incredibly smooth 3-track binary cam to rocket arrows up to 332 FPS. This bow's ultra-smooth draw cycle also features a super-solid back wall that's easy to hold thanks to an 85% let-off, which makes it lightweight, quiet, and easy to shoot.


4 Stars

This is not a bow to be taken lightly. PSE has totally re-designed the already amazing Brute by incorporating X-Tech technology. This bow has preloaded split limbs, an all new machined riser, and a new pivoting limb pocket system. Plus the re-designed Madness Pro cam allows for 1/2" adjustments with PSE’s posi-lock inner cam. Weighing in at 3.5 lbs. and with an 80% lift off, this bow is great for beginners and experts.

Bear Archery Divergent EKO


The Divergent EKO is the perfect fit for whitetail hunting, big game hunting, and everything in between. This compact 30” axle-to-axle bow delivers the same incredible performance of the 2019 Divergent but with even more technology and customization options. Always ready to take down the biggest bruisers out there, this bow offers an unprecedented four let off settings allowing you to hold at full draw longer.

Bear Archery Paradox - RTH Package

5 Stars

The Paradox is a high-performance single cam system that shoots 330 FPS, delivering maximum performance at an incredible price in a maneuverable 32” axle-to-axle platform. The innovative riser and ShockWaves limb dampening device are designed to improve accuracy and reduce vibration with each shot. The Paradox features Bear Archery Contraband string and cables ensuring legendary performance for seasons to come.