The Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation has designated September as Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month. Falls from tree stands are the top cause of injury and death for deer hunters, which might surprise some of us who assumed things like an accidental discharge or succumbing to the elements while lost in the woods. Like any accident, falling out of your tree stand is not 100% preventable, but serious injury or death from the fall IS preventable. A few simple pieces of equipment, knowing their use and operation, and following through with using them every time will make all of the difference. A full-body harness and lifeline rope should be as crucial to your gear as your tree stand and your weapon. It’s not enough to just clip in once you’re up in the tree either, since most injuries actually occur on the ascent and descent. TSSA has provided their simple “ABC’s of Tree Stand Safety” to keep it easy for anyone to remember:

Always remove and inspect your equipment

Buckle on your full-body harness

Connect to the tree before your feet leave the ground

Following these three simple steps could save your life, and keep you out hunting for years to come.

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