By Dan Kidder,
Managing Editor

Not just your standard tackle organizer, the Lure Lock uses a sticky gel coating on the bottom to hold your tackle in place and keep it from sliding around during transport.

The coating is amazingly resilient and withstands wide variations in temperature. I placed them in the direct July sun on my truck dashboard at 100-plus degrees the coating didn’t melt or change consistency at all. Then, I froze the organizer with the tackle still inside, and other than gripping harder, it didn’t become brittle. Additionally, the coating didn’t leave any residue on my tackle at any temperature. If they become dirty and lose their stickiness, a quick spin through the dishwasher cleans them up and reactivates the gel.

The thicker plastic in the cases resists cracking yet stays flexible. It offers more rugged protection of the case and its contents. It is a high-quality organizer and doesn’t feel flimsy or delicate. Heavy duty hinges easily support the weight of the lid but also the weight of a fully loaded box if you hold it by the lid.

The idea is that the Lure Lock not only has easy separate dividers to keep gear organized, but the coating prevents terminal tackle from sliding across dividers into other compartments or getting tangles up. It keeps hard baits looking new by protecting their paint job. Accidentally drop your opened tackle box filled with sinkers, hooks, and all of the various and sundry things we shove in a tackle organizer, and the pieces stay put instead of dumping all over the ground.

GIN-Lure-Lock-Fishing-tackle-orginization-The Lure Locks come in three sizes, a large 4 cavity with up to 24 different compartments at 14x9x1.75 inches, a medium 3-cavity with up to 18 compartments at 11x6x1.75 inches, and a small 3 cavity with up to 18 smaller compartments at 9x4x1.25 inches. Each features a pair of heavy duty plastic clasps to keep them shut but are easy to open. The easy snap apart dividers cleanly separate without scissors or a knife for quick organization.

All of the Lure Locks are proudly made in the USA. Find them in the fishing department at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.