Believe me – all fly rods are not created equal. Some are designed for delicate casts that need to present the offering with as little evidence as possible, while others must be able to stand up to not only the elements, but the lines and flies you are throwing. That’s why every fly fishing junky is usually the owner of a closet full of fly rods, assuring a rod for just about every application.

Redington is one of our favorite fly rod companies here at Sportsman’s News as we have been using their products since we started clear back in the mid-2000’s. They offer a great selection of rods for just about any type of fishing situation you can imagine and all at price points that beginners to seasoned veterans can appreciate.

One of our favorite models is the PREDATOR, a rod designed for a wide range of species, but mostly for the big, tough ones. The PREDATORS’ fast-action gives you the edge you need when faced with the challenge of throwing heavy lines and big flies. This is very important when you tend to spend a lot of time chasing big and sometimes acrobatic fish, as we do, especially in our adventures in Canada and Alaska. Northern pike and all of the Pacific salmon species can tax a lesser rod and this is a place where the PREDATOR really shines.

With 16 different sized models (5wt. to 16wt.) and six handle configurations, you can get pretty specific on the rod that will be just right for your situation. Also, all come in 4-piece builds, so transport is easy while still resting assured that your Redington rod will withstand the test. And if something does go wrong, their lifetime warranty will take care of you, with only a nominal fee for shipping.

On a recent trip to Louisiana in search of big bull redfish, the PREDATOR definitely stood up to the test. Windy conditions – no problem. Heavy lines and flies – it didn’t miss a step. One of the key things about this rod is its ability to withstand forceful strips and hooksets. There is nothing worse than taxing your arms all day with a noodle of a fly rod when the action is hot and heavy on your favorite water. The smooth casting and fast-action of the PREDATOR is a dream come true in the performance category for sure!

So, if you are looking for a fly rod that can handle big fish and big water, be it fresh or salt, it just might be in your best interest to take a look at Redington’s PREDATOR series. I guarantee you will like its feel and the results at the end of the day. And the price tag at around $300 will bring a smile to your face as well. Check out the PREDATOR and many other great Redington products at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.