By Larry McCoy

You can’t expect to take great shots, if you don’t have a great release. Luckily, Scott Archery carries a wide selection of wrist release options to fit any hunter or archer’s needs. But before you just take my word for it, remember that the most important part of choosing great gear is making sure that you’re comfortable with it. My favorite type or brand of release might not work as well for you and your shooting style. So be sure to test as many options as you can and pick the one that feels the most comfortable and effective for you. That being said, I personally use Scott releases when I hunt, and here are three of their products that I’d be confident recommending to anyone who is in the market for a new release.

Shark II

5 Stars

Based off of the successful Shark release, the Shark II builds on an already great design to provide even better performance and comfort. Its classic swivel connector is solid which allows you to maneuver the release out of the way while climbing or spotting, plus it has the patented 5-hole length adjustment feature, meaning it can be adjusted to fit anyone’s hand. The Shark II’s dual caliper head is slimmed down to reduce draw string friction and timing, and comes in a new OD Green color to help camouflage. It's super easy to operate and its release is smooth and crisp even after seasons of continuous shooting.

Little Goose II

5 Stars

This release is also the second variation on an original best seller. The Little Goose II is a single caliper release which minimizes moving parts, and therefore minimizes potential malfunctions. This model also has a slimmed down head, compared to the original Little Goose, and a patented angled jaw, which means it releases faster and more smoothly, due to less surface area touching the draw string. Its knurled trigger ensures you have a steady grip with your trigger finger, no matter if you’re barehanded or wearing gloves. This model also comes in the new OD Green color and has the Scott Archery patented 5-hole length adjustment.


5 Stars

Scott Archery’s Ghost is the only release currently on the market that has a magnetic return hook. This means that the trigger automatically resets itself after you fire, making your redraw quicker and more effortless, and the magnets reduce the chance for mechanical failure. Its head design is a single hook style which helps facilitate crisp and clean releases. The Ghost comes with a nylon strap that allows you to make the most minute adjustments, making it a perfect fit for any man, woman, or child’s hand. It also features the most updated True-Center technology which helps reduce torque, and give you greater accuracy.

If you’d like to learn more about archery releases and how to choose the best one for you, watch this video featuring world renowned archer, Paige Pearce.

If you have any other questions about archery or bow hunting, or would like a personal recommendation for a release, visit your local Sportsman’s Warehouse or their website at