Experienced fishermen know that when you are shopping for a new pair of waders, another important part of that purchase should be a good pair of wading boots. Remember, if you are going to spend the money it takes to buy the best waders, you need to keep them protected and a good pair of boots are essential not only for those neoprene booties, but for your feet that are inside them and will be looking for comfort and stability as you work the waters of your favorite river or waterway.

With enough states now requiring rubber soled wading boots, that will be our basis here. Rubber soles have come a long way since their first inception and now do a much better job of keeping your wadered feet where they need to be. And if you need more traction and stability, cleats are available to add even more grip.

Simms incorporates their River Tread sole design to provide what we have found to be some of the best footing and comfort available in the marketplace. These Vibram soles boast innovative compounds and technical sole patterns that have been specifically developed to meet the challenges of wading technical waters.

An important part when choosing the right wading boot is its fit. You need to always make sure you have room around your toes. This allows for a little extra insulation when needed without having to worry about your toes getting cramped, resulting in poor circulation, thus cold feet. The sizing in the Simms line is very true (one size larger than your actual shoe size) and always seems to allow its wearer this feature. Also, the high collar design of the G3 provides excellent ankle support and their unique eyelet configuration provides flexibility when walking along the uneven terrain of your favorite waterway.

Simms G3 Guide Boots are made of water-repellent full grain Nubuck leather and require little maintenance. Just a little squirt with the hose at the end of the day will help in extending their life cycle. And when drying your boots after a long day on the water, turn them upside down and away from heat sources, as they will dry better and keep the adhesives and stitching’s from becoming brittle and shrinking.

The line is available in sizes 5 through 16, with total weight under four pounds, depending on the size. Do yourself a favor and check out the great line of Simms products this spring at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and see for yourself why Simms is the choice of professionals who are looking for the very best.

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