Browning is well known in the hunting industry for products that are very dependable, with reliability that will last under the toughest conditions. They are keeping these same qualities in mind with their launch of Browning Hell’s Canyon Speed hunting clothing. Over the last 10 years there has been a growing push and desire for backcountry style hunts. These hunts can be long, grueling and require gear that is tough, and tailored to fit, while still maintaining comfort. With Hell’s Canyon Speed, Browning looks to excel in all these categories and gain ground in the fast growing demand for this style of hunting clothing.

Hell’s Canyon Speed is offered in two camo patterns, A-TACS AU (Arid / Urban ) and the A-TACS FG ( Foliage / Green ). I find these patterns to be well thought out, with very good depth built into them. Most digital patterns don’t really have an organic feel, but this is not the case with A-TACS camouflage. A-TACS is not your typical leaf and limb pattern and breaks up the human outline well.

The Hell’s Canyon Speed is Killer Clothing and features Hero-Fit tailoring that trims away excess weight and bulk, while the abrasion resistant, stretchable fabrics maximize your freedom of movement. This paves the way for unmatched durability, mobility and comfort to get you through those demanding hunts. Additionally, Hell’s Canyon Speed has been developed as a complete layering system, with each layered piece of clothing slightly larger to fit the layer beneath. This coincides with the demand of the light, fast and lethal mindset, while maintaining the comfort you need for the long haul.

The Speed line has several options to suit you. Whether that is the Backcountry, Hellfire, Rain Slayer, Shrike, or the Javelin; there is an option tailored for your hunting needs. Throw in the under-layer clothing that includes, briefs, bottoms, tops made from either fleece or an itch free Merino wool blend, and you have a total package system that meets the quality and demands of hunters

For the better part of 60 years Browning has offered quality clothing to the hunting and shooting industry. With this new high-performance line of Hell’s Canyon Speed clothing, Browning has upped their game to meet the needs of active hunters.