If you’re looking for a boot designed for the most extreme terrain imaginable, look no further. The Kenetrek 400 Mountain Guides with the new K-73 Outsole is the perfect boot for you. This boot is designed to withstand the most treacherous terrain imaginable. From lava rock and loose scree to heavy snow, you can depend on this boot to get you where you are going comfortably and safely. The Kenetrek 400 Mountain Guides features a brand new outer sole called the K-73. It has the same great features of the previous Vibram Outsole but the K-73 is made of a durable and reliable vulcanized rubber that’s designed to grip to rugged surfaces better than its predecessor did.

There is 360-degrees of an open tread pattern with a deep relief to dig into any mucky surface. This allows debris to slide right through the tread and cling to the ground beneath you creating a non slip surface for you to safely walk on. The traction teeth and lugs on the K-73 are designed to grip onto anything from jagged or smooth rock. There is also a reinforced rubber sole guard wrapped around the toe of the boot designed to resist heavy abrasion.

If the sheep you were hunting knew that this boot exists, they would’ve already migrated to somewhere you won’t be. That’s how serious this boot is. Hiking through scree fields carrying a heavy load in your pack not only keeps you upright in these boots but it feels more like a walk in the park. The improved K-73 Outsole makes sheep hunting easier than its ever been before.

The Kenetrek 400 Mountain Guides contains 400 grams of Thinsulate material designed to keep your feet dry in hot weather and moderately warm in cold weather. It is a 10 inch boot made with a one piece vamp of 2.8mm premium full-grain leather. One of the great things about the leather on this boot is that the lower portion is one solid piece. The entire boot was created with minimal stitching in mind ultimately eliminating any failure points. The boot also contains a lightweight flexible Windtex membrane meaning it is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

The boot contains a sturdy 7mm nylon midsole that runs the full length and width of the boot and provides extra stability. The midsole provides some flexibility but its extremely sturdy and designed to keep you upright on the most irregular surfaces. Any standard shoe will want to bend with the surface you’re on but the Kenetrek 400 Mountain Guides will stay pretty stiff when uneven pressure is applied to the midsole on an uneven surface. This is especially helpful when hauling heavy gear in your pack on a long sheep hunt.

The avid hunter will become familiar with this boot rather quickly as opposed to the average individual. Be prepared before wearing them right out of the box because it may take you 50 or so miles before you get a chance to break them in and you wouldn’t want that to cost you on a big sheep hunt. The boot was also created with premium lacing hardware designed to withstand and last. The last thing you want to happen on a big hunt is have a lace snap or an eyelet pop off.

Weighing in at 4.5 pounds makes moving a lot easier without having to drag your feet around, especially while carrying 50-plus pounds of hunting gear or hauling a 200-plus pound animal to your pickup truck. It has the bulky features of a traditional rugged country boot that is meant for the trail less traveled and is still light weight and maneuverable enough to get the job done while being comfortable enough to wear on a leisurely hike.

The amount of movability, safety and durability the Kenetrek 400 Mountain Guides with the K-73 Outsole provides is incredible. This boot is so dependable that you can count on it in virtually any situation. I highly recommend adding this rugged boot to your inventory.
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