Most people know Kryptek as a camo pattern, and while it can boast the only pattern in the civilian world extensively researched, tested, and studied by the US government for its effectiveness in the field, Kryptek Outdoor group is more than just a pretty camo pattern. For the last two years, the guys from Kryptek have been extensively testing a new line of clothing in the Alaskan wilderness that can withstand the abuse of austere environments as well as provide proper thermoregulation of the hunter in warm or cool weather without the bulk of their heavy cold weather gear.

Meet Dalibor. Dalibor is a Slavic word meaning distant battle, and this clothing is designed to take the hunter and transport him to the field, far away from the comforts of home. The founders of Kryptek are warriors, and the design of their clothing bears all the marks of their warrior spirit. They are also serious outdoorsmen and know that depending on where and when you are hunting, the clothing you wear can make it a pleasurable and productive activity or an exercise in futility and discomfort.

Dalibor is designed for early season hunting when the weather is still warm during the day and cool in the evenings. It provides excellent core temperature regulation and can be layered with their other systems, such as their Hoplite base layers, to keep you warmer in inclement weather and allow you to shed layers as the sun rises and temps increase.

With spacious cuts, silent brushed material, and flexibility to allow you movement in even the harshest terrain, the Dalibor clothing line lets you take the hunt as far afield as you need to go and still keep you comfortable.

Their Dalibor 3 Jacket is designed for mid to cool weather. It is made of a silent brushed material that resists snags and stretches with your full range of movement. A full coverage hood still allows full peripheral vision. It has six pockets with fully taped zippers and is coated with DWR to make it highly water and stain resistant.

The Dalibor 3 Pants feature the same waterproof and silent stretch fabric as the jacket. They have wide gusseted and reinforced knees with a tougher bonded laminate material to stand up to kneeling and give you plenty of range of motion. Eight roomy pockets, 6 of which have taped zippers, provide plenty of room for all your necessities. A gusseted crotch prevents binding when chasing game through the rocks and deadfall. Wide belt loops let you hang more gear on your waist and are also compatible with suspenders. Rubberized grippers on the pant legs prevent them from riding up.

All in, the new Dalibor line from Kryptek is the perfect setup for taking the battle far from home. Watch the video to see the full line in action.