By Eric Christensen

Boats have been a resource for mankind since the stone-age. Watercraft has been used to explore our planet, develop new colonies, transport goods between nations and of course, fishing. Old Town canoes and kayaks have been building canoes for over 120 years. They are still on the cutting edge of technology and focus on delivering the best canoe or kayak to the customer. The Predator 13 Watercraft has been reengineered to offer every amenity a watersport consumer would want into one innovative vessel.

Old Town built the hull out of LT900 Polyethylene which is a very strong and robust material that is impervious to water. Old Town incorporates an Element Seating System to top off the LT900 Polyethylene frame. The seating system is specifically designed for anglers. Three different seating positions can be used based on needs and locations. A ‘travel’ position gives a lower center of gravity for more stability, while an ‘attack’ position gives a raised seat for casting. The third position allows you to flip the seat down for a standing position to assist in poling, casting and sighting.

The Predator 13 is loaded to the hilt with accessory options. Six removable mounting positions are strategically placed throughout the framework. No more drilling into the frame to place rod holders or fish finders. Eight scupper-hole drains are placed in key locations on the kayak to remove any water build up, while incorporating a patented scupper valve which only lets water travel one way. The Predator 13 comes with plenty of storage and the rear Exo-Ridge tank well will keep your gear dry and secure. It’s ideal for coolers, batteries, trolling motors and tackle boxes. The bow design has rod tip holders and retainers for easy storage and convenient grab and cast. A large bow hatch can keep your gear dry and safe with one simple click.

The Predator 13 gets its name for being 13’ 2” long and weighs in at 86 lbs. The Kayak will hold weight up to 425 lbs loaded down. It handles very nicely in the water while offering great comfort. The foot braces can be adjusted and have a stand up assist. The last thing you want is to stand up to float a fly and then get dumped in the drink. The seating options are a huge plus for a day carving to your favorite fishing location. Accessories can be laid out in whatever desire one wants. The versatility of the Predator 13 really makes this fishing kayak a great choice to match the fishing conditions. You can rig up your accessories for a day out on the lake, an overnight river trip and everything in between.