This jacket was named after a fairly well-known island in the hunting world, that is best known for its’ huge brown bears and abundant blacktail deer that roam the island. Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of visiting this hunters’ paradise will also vouch for its’ inclement weather as well. When this weather hits, believe me, you are definitely going to need Sitka Gear’s Kodiak Jacket.

This jacket is designed for those bad weather days when the rain just won’t let up, but you can’t afford to spend the day in the shelter. This is a knee-length, 3-layer Gore-Tex jacket. You can literally sit in the pouring rain for days on end without getting wet. The extra length on this jacket provides a waterproof barrier whenever you want to sit down on the wet terrain and glass for game. It comes with a full hood which keeps the water off of your head and neck. The design in this hood is excellent as it still allows for good peripheral vision when in use.

When glassing, the well thought out cuffs will save you from getting wet as well. They have a stretchable rubber, combined with a Velcro strip. This allows you to get a water-tight barrier around your wrist and not have water running down your elbow and into your base layer. When you get up to continue your hike, even if the rain has stopped, the surrounding foliage is drenched for hours if not days and the long length of this jacket continues to keep you dry as the runoff comes off below your boot level.

When you find your target and it’s go time, you have the ability to button the extended length of the jacket up and turn it into a regular length rain jacket. If you are doing this and making a move, the ventilating pit zips will allow unwanted body heat to escape. These are approximately 17-inches in length under each arm and do a great job of ventilation. There are two waterproof chest pockets and two hand pockets which, based on their design, cause the water to run off of your elbow instead of down your wrist and into the pocket. It has one internal zipper chest pocket which is a great place to store your phone or electronics.

This is a very well thought out garment that is specifically designed for the hunter or outdoors person who will spend a lot of their time in rain gear and in the wet conditions. It comes in both Subalpine and Open Country camo patterns.