Lightweight, packable and designed for warm weather pursuits. The Sitka Light and Fast collection is built for speed and efficiency. Shadow the herd, sleep in a deer bed and put those training days to use while maximizing your time afield. The Light and Fast collection is performance oriented for the modern day mountain athlete.

The Ascent Pant weighs in at a mere 12 ounces for a 32 regular size. Everything about this pant was designed to make it lightweight, breathable, and extremely comfortable. It’s made from a 4 way stretch cordura nylon woven blend. The 2 mesh internal pockets as well as the cargo pockets are built from a highly breathable mesh fabric. Since these pants are so lightweight, crawling through the terrain for a shot is a lot like wearing nothing, Sitka was smart enough to put in a mesh knee pad pockets which will accommodate Sitka’s standard knee pads. These are a welcome feeling when you have to do extended times on your knees.

The Ascent shirt is the next garment in the arsenal. It only weighs 4.7 ounces which gives you a shirt/pant combo of just barely over a pound. The torso and upper arm of this shirt is made from 20 denier Nylon Ripstop. The underarm portion is like having an air conditioner onboard with polyester mesh. The shirt features an Ultra Violet Protection rating of 29 without any chemical treatments and the flip up color provides added protection for the harsh sunlight during long glassing sessions. The knit sleeves allow you to roll them up and provide string clearance when shooting your bow. There are two mesh backed, zippered chest pockets which is an ideal place to stick those diaphragm calls or other needed items.

In addition to the shirt, there is a highly breathable lightweight hat, gloves, and gators. The entire setup is designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and quiet as well as scent free. All of the garments are treated with Polygiene Odor Control Technology which is definitely going to help with getting close on those hot sweaty days. Polygiene is introduced into the garment during manufacturing and is created from natural occurring silver salt. Polygiene neutralizes the bacteria created by your body when sweating that produces body odor. Polygiene is going to keep you from stinking up the woods.

The entire light and fast setup by Sitka Gear is truly the lightest early season concealment system ever designed and proves that Sitka is living by their own rules of building purpose driven designs.