For anyone who hunts, one of the most import things to do in order to have an enjoyable experience is keeping your extremities warm. Nothing ruins a hunt faster than freezing your figures off. One of the issues with finding a good pair of gloves is that usually all of the really warm ones are too bulky to be able to work a bow, rifle or for me, a camera. Well, Sitka Gear has introduced a new line of gloves for the 2016 season that fit my needs perfectly.

The Mountain Glove is perfect for the cool mornings and evening of those first season hunts. It features a low bulk design, maximizing your dexterity, making it easy to still move your fingers. It’s really frustrating when you get limited by big bulking gloves, hindering you from being able to do simple movements like pulling a call out of your pocket, which could cost you that trophy animal. The Mountain Glove features a leather and nylon palm, giving you extra grip. This added grip will ensure that you never drop your bow or rifle in the field, even if they are wet. The inside is lined with Sitka’s signature Gore Windstopper technology and will do its job to keep your hands warm even in the worst of conditions.

For your later hunts, check out the Coldfront GTX. They have a lot of the same features as the Mountain Gloves, but have added insulation making them a lot warmer. Even though they have more insulation, they are still a lot less bulky than most of the other gloves on the market today.

If you are used to hunting in just leather gloves, than you need to check out the new Gunner WS. They are Sitka’s take on the ‘tried and true’ full leather style, but like all of Sitka Gear's products, they are built better and lighter than anything else on the market. They are made from a soft sheep leather and feature nylon that runs down the side of each finger to help vent your hands so they don’t get too warm.

One feature that I really like is that the shooting finger on both hands features a nylon top, making it that much easier to bend your finger when needed and it also makes it easier to fit it into your trigger housing. These are perfect if you are looking to upgrade your old leather gloves. All of these gloves will work hard to make your hunt a more enjoyable experience, so check them out today at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.