For nearly 90 years, the Zamberlan family has cultivated their tradition of designing and manufacturing boots for the mountain from their home in the foothills of the Dolomites, in northern Italy. Their profound culture for mountain footwear is based in their respect for artisanal boot craftsmanship. Zamberlan boots first entered the U.S. market in 1992 through one retailer and with one model, the legendary Civetta.  In 2009, the company opened their U.S. subsidiary and today enjoy robust growth in both hunting and hiking markets. The Zamberlan 1014 Lynx Mid GTX exemplifies their philosophy of making boots in a traditional manner, while leveraging best-in-class technology and design.

The Lynx Mid GTX is a supportive, yet relatively lightweight boot. Ideal for early season backcountry hunting and hiking, the Lynx Mid promises comfort and support while under load during long hauls. Fit and comfort go hand and hand with these boots, with an excellent range of motion.  Zamberlan’s Flex System allows the boot to break forward at the ankle, all while keeping great lateral support. This feature makes it less likely for you to encounter rub areas, like you may have experienced with boots that have continuous leather at the ankle areas.

The uppers of the boot feature Zamberlan’s proprietary Hydrobloc Nubuck leathers, which measure 2.4-2.6 mm’s thick. The latest innovation is a unique camouflage blend infused into the leathers, which goes well with a wide range of patterns on the market. To maintain a lighter weight profile, you won’t find a rubber rand around the bottom of the boot. However, the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membranes guarantee waterproof protection and great breathability for the life of the boot. The Microtex collars wick moisture away from the lower leg, reducing any possible hot spot areas.

While keeping flexibility and durability in mind, they incorporated their Zamberlan Vibram 3D sole. The midsole is a little softer and more flexible than you may find on other Zamberlan products, but doesn’t miss a beat in longevity, all while maintaining excellent traction. The sole system incorporates an exaggerated rocker, the purpose of which is to reduce foot fatigue and assist on uphill climbs, especially when wearing a heavy pack.

The Flex System and Vibram 3D outsole make for a very short break-in period for the Lynx Mid. Additional comfort amenities include the footbed, constructed with 3mm of memory foam and extra padding and circulation thanks to the Zamberlan Air System. All of these design elements create an ideal environment and unbelievable comfort, while maintaining durability throughout the backcountry.

Handcrafted in Italy, the Zamberlan Lynx is one pair of boots that will provide reliable performance over many hunts and scouting trips out in the backcountry. Regardless of the weather or terrain, you can enjoy the Lynx as an early-season boot that will last you through those archery hunts well until early rifle season. You’ll definitely want to put these boots on your list to checkout, as they’ll give you all the comfort, durability and reliability you could ask for in a mid to light-weight scouting and hunting boot.