By: Roger Phillips, Public Information Specialist
Idaho Department of Fish and Game

It's your chance to check out local waters, and Fish and Game provides the fishing pole, tackle and bait.

Fish and Game wants to help you go fishing, but more important, get you familiar with the basics so you can do it on your own and experience the state's amazing fishing opportunities.

Idaho Fish and Game's "Take Me Fishing" Trailer

Fish and Game lends a helping hand with its Take Me Fishing trailers, which are spread around the state and loaded with loaner fishing rods, tackle, bait and staffed by experienced anglers.

All budding anglers have to do is show up at a fishing trailer event with a willingness to learn, and most important, a desire to have fun.

"We're making it really easy to learn how to go fishing, and show people first-hand how fun it can be to catch fish and pursue a lifetime of enjoyment outdoors, not to mention to catch your own dinner," said Sportfishing Coordinator Martin Koenig.

Trailers will travel to fishing spots near communities so it's a convenient outing for people, and events are held on weekends and after work during the week. A fish stocking truck will typically pay a visit before each event so there are plenty of trout available for anglers to catch.

The rules for Take Me Fishing trailer events are simple:

  • Anyone who signs up at the trailer does not need a fishing license to fish at the event.
  • Fishing equipment can be checked out for free on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Before and after the event, a fishing license is required for anyone 14 years and older.

Take Me Fishing trailer events start on April 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Kleiner Pond at 1900 North Records Ave. in Meridian.

More events will run statewide from April through July and into early August. Here's the full event schedule in each region.

It's easy to learn to fish, and even if you don't go to a Take Me Fishing event, you can learn how on our Learn to Fish web page, which is full of advice, tips and videos.

Fish and Game also has a wealth of convenient fishing locations in or near cities, towns and neighborhoods so people can fish close to home and have simple rules to follow. These waters are known as Family Fishing Waters, and they are well stocked and have standard, simple fishing rules.