USGS_ovis_canadensis_GNP_bighorn_rams_0On June 16, 2015 Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks issued a plan to depopulate the chronically diseased Tendoy Mountain bighorn sheep population using public hunting as the primary tool. Tribe Member Tony Larsen and crew took advantage of this once in a lifetime, over-the-counter tag.

"My mind was racing. Everything felt solid and sounded great. I'd taken my time. We decided to wait the standard 30 minutes, but we could at least mark the spot the ram had been standing and look for my arrow. Smiling, I pointed out a spray of bubbly blood mixed with hair. Looking along the line of flight, we discovered the arrow another 60 yards away, the entire length coated with frothy blood. I picked my head up to take it all in. A mere 40 yards down the slope, just over the ledge, part of a curl stuck up in the morning sunshine.” - Tribe Member Tony Larsen

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