CAMP CHEF Woodwind Wi-Fi 36-inch Pellet Grill

Face it, the best gift is one that keeps on giving, and this Wi-Fi enabled pellet grill from Camp Chef provides all of the ease of use of the standard Camp Chef Woodwind, without the need to get up from the football game to check the temperature on your brisket. Make adjustments to heat, check your internal temperature, and more right on your smartphone. Now we all know that the real reason to give this gift is that you will receive all the yummy food that will be cooked on it all year long.

Guns Gong Crazy AR 500 Target and Stand

This portable target stand has become a Sportsman's News favorite for its rugged durability and ease of transport. Steel is bulky and heavy, but the Guns Gong Crazy large yellow AR 500 steel is super easy to set up and take down, and the built in carrying strap makes it a breeze to carry suitcase style. And man is it loud when you hit it with a rifle. The sound carries back over a long distance, making it perfect for long-range shooting practice.

Grand Truck Printed Double Hammock

Not only is a hammock a very comfortable way to sleep at camp, it is an all day lounging area. This double wide hammock has plenty of room to stretch out, roll over, and rest in comfort. The printed pattern also makes it attractive enough to leave up all year long in the back yard when not in camp. The perfect place to read, nap, or just sway in the breeze while pausing to watch the clouds.

MarCum Technologies Underwater Camera

Sonar is great for finding fish, but it can be a guessing game trying to interpret the feedback. With the MarCum Technologies underwater camera, there is no guessing. Just slip the camera beneath the surface and see the fish. You can clearly judge size, quantity, and qaulity of the fish, as well as see underwater structure and snags. Everything pops up in vivid color on the 7-inch high-definition screen. if the water is murky or stained, the color kill technology allows you to switch to high contrast black and white for clear viewing.

Otterbox Trooper LT30

The Trooper from Otterbox is a Sportsman's News favorite cooler. Not only does it stand up easily, but it is made of a tough yet soft material that allows it to be wedged into tight spaces. Backpack straps allow it to be carried hands-free so you can wear your cold ones while filling your hands with fishing poles or other gear.The top easily opens and closes with just one hand and it even features a built-in bottle opener. Not only is a versatile companion, but it will keep your food and beverages ice-cold for days. With 30 quarts of storage, it is roomy enough for a day of fishing or a couple of days at camp.

Axil Ghost Stryke Hearing Pro

For the shooter in your life, great hearing protection that also enhances ambient sound allows them to retain their hearing, but also to have normal conversations. This is safer as they are not yelling to be heard. These comfortable Pro Ears (Axil) Ghost Strykes provide all-day comfort, up to 6x hearing enhancement, 29Db of noise reduction, auto shutoff of noise above 85Db, and can easily be recharged via USB.