If you need to purchase ammo for your next hunting expedition, keep these tips in mind when choosing rounds. Your selections should depend on the hunting environment and conditions, the animals you plan to hunt, and their common escape patterns from danger. Set the right tone for your hunting trips with high-quality ammunition that performs, so your only worry is your own accuracy.


With a rifle, you’ll be hunting game from longer distances than one would with a shotgun or handgun, so each bullet is streamlined and thinner to travel further and cleanly penetrate the intended target. The exact rifle ammunition you buy will depend upon the caliber of your gun. Hollow-point rounds will humanely put down your target without penetrating all the way through and potentially hitting anything beyond. Other options include soft-point or polymer tips depending on the rifle, terrain conditions, and target species. Select a caliber that you can handle, while at the same time being sufficiently powerful enough to hit and stop the game you’re hunting.

A popular hunter’s choice is Federal; their line of ammo is suitable for both hunting and range practice. Federal rounds, especially .30-06 Springfield, are renowned for having the power to stop game like deer from over 300 yards. Hornady and Remington also have a lot to offer the big game hunter.

For those wise enough to practice before going out to hunt, we recommend using full metal jacket rounds. FMJ are best suited for target practice instead of hunting for both their affordability and performance. Of course, you’ll still want to fire a few rounds that you’ll be taking on the hunt to ensure that your rifle is sighted in properly and the ammunition functions satisfactorily.


Shotgun ammunition is available either in shot or slug form, with the one you use depending on the game being pursued. Shot pellets increase the chance you’ll hit a relatively close target but reduces the effective firing distance between you and any game. Shot is primarily used for clay shooting, small game, and game fowl. We carry several high-performance shotshells from brand names such as Hornady, Winchester, and Kent.

Sportsman’s Warehouse also sells shotgun slugs and buckshot. While still viable in some hunting scenarios, buckshot has mostly fallen out of favor for big game. Slugs are useful for hunting larger game, like deer, particularly in short-range hunts. Be sure to select the best slug for your shotgun, as sabot slugs don’t perform well in smoothbores and a rifled slug should be selected instead. For a rifled shotgun barrel, either will function satisfactorily but sabots are preferred as they’re specifically designed for rifling. Of course, for safety reasons always make sure you check your shotgun manufacturer’s product information or owner’s manual before trying new loads.


Many hunters carry some kind of sidearm while hunting: ranging from a rimfire revolver, to common EDC (Every Day Carry) models, on up to the most serious “bear guns” like the .500 S&W Magnum. Our reasons for carrying a handgun in addition to a long-gun are pretty straightforward: picking off grouse and other small game for camp dinner, potential self-defense situations, or taking a shot in tight timber where the sight picture through a scope can be difficult to obtain quickly. Some hunters use handguns instead of long-guns to increase the challenge of hunting, since handguns lack long-range accuracy. Handguns are ideal for closer contact situations when hunting bigger game like deer or wild hogs. Hunting with a handgun is about quietly stalking much closer to your target and exercising more skill to hit your quarry and put it down.

Specially designed hunting handguns are available that feature elongated barrels, usually revolvers, most of which can be outfitted with optics. Just remember that very few EDC semi-automatic handguns are well-suited for hunting big game, typically lacking both the necessary power and proper sightline. Some of the more powerful semi-automatic pistols are sometimes used for hunting medium to large game, particularly 10mm Auto, .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .50 AE.

When it comes to handgun ammunition, look for accuracy and something that packs a punch. HSM is a top brand that is known to not misfire or misfeed. Also, HSM doesn’t foul up the chamber, even with multiple reloads, leaving your gun relatively clean. If you are keen to continue practicing before your big hunting trip, Remington works well for practice or recreational shooting. This ammo offers consistent performance at a competitive price, along with reloadable brass cases, non-corrosive primers, and full metal jacket rounds.


Once you’re stocked up on ammo, you need a place to keep it all safe and out of the elements until you’re ready to use it. Buy an ammo box and ensure that each round is kept in perfect condition during transportation and storage. We offer boxes that can hold a variety of ammo together, or a bunch of the same-sized rounds.


Sportsman’s Warehouse only sells premier, brand name ammunition that will perform flawlessly time after time. We offer shipping all over the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska (due to various state and local laws and regulations, Sportsman’s Warehouse may not be able to ship to all areas). Stock up on the ammo you need for your rifle, shotgun, or handgun and never run low right before a big trip. Call 800-286-3076 or email us if you have any questions about our products.