Butler Creek Hot Lips/Steel Lips Loader 10/22

The fastest way to load Ruger 10/22 magazines. Simply dump a box of .22 LR ammo in the hopper, give it a shake to line them up, insert your Ruger, Butler Creek Hot Lips, or Butler Creek Steel Lips magazine in the magazine well and turn the knob to insert the rounds into the magazine. Turns hours of loading into minutes so you can spend less time loading magazines and more time plinking.

Taylor Targets Centerfire Reset Spinner Target

The Centerfire Reset Target is a popular, multi-disc target for “big bore” pistol shooters. This target has four lower 3.5″ targets and one upper 3.5″ target. Upon being hit, each of the lower 4 targets flips up. After hitting the lower targets, the upper target can be hit to reset the lower 4 targets back into starting position. Eliminates the need to walk back and manually reset your targets. The Centerfire Reset Target is designed for use with centerfire handguns up to .44 magnum and provides shooting action you can easily see (spins when hit) and hear. The heavy-duty steel frame provides years of trouble free practice and many outings of fun with family and friends. Portable and easy to use reset targets mean no more knocked down targets and more time for shooting.

Birchwood Casey Adjustable Width Target Stand

This all-steel stand is designed to easily accept two 1" x 2" wood furring strips from your local hardware store to hold targets and backers of most sizes. Holes in the feet let you drive it into the ground with two included stakes to prevent the wind from tipping it over. It is rugged yet light, for years of use.

Birchwood Casey STEEL RANGE PACK

Everything you need to start shooting steel, except a standard 2" x 4". This kit includes a stand, 8-inch AR 500 steel gong, and a bracket with a spring mounted bolt for mounting the gong or use the hanger on the back to hang any single hole steel target. Wide feet with spike holes let the stand be staked to prevent movement and keep it from falling over. The heavy duty steel gong can take hits from some of the most powerful guns and the angle of the plate deflects bullet downwards for safety.

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit

Contains everything you need to capture reliable velocity data in one convenient kit. Includes Chronograph, LED Light Kit, Tripod and Custom Carry Case that conveniently holds all items. The Ballistic Precision Chronograph provides accurate velocity measurements across a wide range of shooting conditions. Higher accuracy was achieved by using a high speed 48 MHz processor and by designing a circuit with an advanced data interface that allows each unit to be computer calibrated at the factory after assembly. The end result is the ability to provide much better accuracy than other chronographs on the market (+/- .25%). Although technologically advanced, the unit is designed to be simple to operate, displaying velocity in Feet per second or Meters per second on the large built in LCD screen. The Chrono can also deliver the shot string velocity data through the 15′ foot audio jack cable (included) to a smartphone/ mobile device.

Caldwell Mag Charger Tac 30

The all new Caldwell Mag Charger Tac-30 is the latest addition to the Mag Charger Family of Speedloaders. Filling the Mag Charger Tac-30 has never been easier. The Tac-30 is designed to directly accept 20 live rounds from any common 20 round ammo manufacturer box and will also conveniently accept up to three 10-round stripper clips. The entire process of filling the Mag Charger Tac-30 with ammo and loading all 20-30 rounds into a magazine takes less than 10 seconds. Spend more time shooting and less time reloading with the Caldwell MagCharger Tac-30.

Guns Gong Crazy

Steel is one of the most gratifying targets to shoot. It is reactive, loud, sounds destructive and nothing can beat the experience. GunsGongCrazy features the latest advancements in today’s modern gun targets, using high quality, advanced products that are designed to properly enhance every aspect of the steel shooting experience. GunsGongCrazy's high quality, long-lasting targets are designed for durability and are made using only the highest-grade steel. GunsGongCrazy uses innovative designs that feature angled targets, (bullets safely and effectively ricochet towards the ground), Kevlar straps, portable steel stand, wind antenna, magnetic target stencils and Hi-Vis paint.

Caldwell Ballistic Precision LR Target Camera System

The Caldwell Ballistic Precision Long Range Target Camera was designed by a team of engineers to be the best target camera system available today and affordable so all shooters can have one. The one mile range delivers live streaming HD video footage of your target to your smart phone or tablet through Caldwell's free app. The Caldwell Ballistic Precision LR Target Camera comes with a premium storage case to store the entire system. A free app is available for download on your smart phone or tablet. It allows you to view live streaming HD video, take pictures, record video and can calculate your group size too. The rechargeable lithium ion battery allows you to use the Target Camera for up to 6 hours.

Radians T-85 5 Lens Interchangeable Shooting Glass Kit

The Radians T-85 is an interchangeable 5 lens kit. The glass has a sleek lightweight design with adjustable temples, rubber nose-piece and rubber temple pads. One piece interchangeable lens design allows a wearer to easily switch lenses for different lighting situations. Includes neoprene carrying case, neck cord, and microfiber lens cloth bag. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1+ Standards for ballistic protection.

Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Quad Ear Muff w/ Bluetooth

Blasting off shots at the range can be a thrilling activity until you spend the following days with ringing ears and dulled hearing. Protect your precious ears with these Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Quad Ear Muffs w/ Bluetooth. These Hearing Protection by Walkers can Bluetooth sync with your mobile devices so that you can listen to whatever sounds you want while blocking out the outside noise. The sound dampening composite housing of these Walkers Razor Slim Bluetooth Ear Muffs provides optimal protection from loud gun blasts, roaring farm equipment, and any other loud activities you engage. All of these features are brought to you by the power of 2 AAA batteries that come included with every order. There's even an integrated mic for advanced communication tactics. Before you perform any activities that create loud noises, protect yourself with a pair of these Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Quad Range Ear Muffs.

Sightmark Laser Boresights

Each boresight is constructed with high quality brass and are calibrated with three set screws in a roller to center the laser diode to the housing. The roller ensures fine adjustments can be made so the boresight is truly centered. This ensures the boresight will accurately project a firearm’s theoretical point of impact, no matter what. Sightmark has created a line of boresights that achieve a reliable, true center, meaning you spend less time, and ammo, at the range trying to find the target with your new rifle.

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

Sonic Boom has taken its time to research and custom build their targets. First, Sonic Boom found the best possible raw ingredients available, which provides one of the largest explosions and loudest booms of any exploding target on the market. Then Sonic Boom took it a step further by providing its users with a highly visible blaze orange jar that is visible at virtually any distance. Sonic Boom produces targets with high quality, non-hazardous, non-toxic and stable chemicals. The targets use a two part mixture that are easy to mix and easy to use—simply mix and shoot.