If you’ve got an outdoor cooking fan that you’re shopping for, you’re definitely in luck this shopping season. New products come out all the time, so even if it seems like they already have everything, they probably don’t. Whether they like to whip up signature dishes in the backyard or the backcountry, there are plenty of great gifts they’d love to see under the tree this year. Have a look at some of these ideas we’ve put together, you’re sure to find something fun that will help bring the flavor! By the way, ship-to-store or any orders over $49 have free shipping! If all else fails, you can always get a Gift Card and let them pick out exactly what they were hoping for. Our new email Gift Cards are especially handy if your favorite gourmet griller is living far away, and conveniently allow you to cut out shipping time and cost!

1. Smokers

Smoking a variety of foods to preserve them and enhance flavor has been around for millennia. These days, it’s easier and more fine-tuned than ever with smokers like Masterbuilt and Pit Boss that have developed the art into a science. Make your own jerky, or smoke just about any kind of food you can think of for a new twist on old standby recipes.

2. Pellet grills

Pellet grills are changing the landscape of backyard barbecues. The delicious flavor that’s added from the pellet smoke takes grilling to the next level. No more messing around trying to get the right temperature, just to find that the food is undercooked or overcooked. Most models have easy-to-use controls that make them much easier to use than a traditional gas grill, and many include meat probes for getting that perfect internal temperature. Grill burgers, chicken, turkey, vegetables, even pizza to perfection on a new pellet grill. Check out the popular Daniel Boone from GMG or the new Sportsman’s Warehouse exclusive Camp Chef Deluxe.

3. Camp stoves

When camping or tailgating, camp stoves can be game-changers. Portable and easy to use, they’ll allow your outdoor chef to cook just about anything that you could on the stovetop at home. Camp Chef offers a lot of different models, and some even come with griddle accessories included!

4. Fryers

Want fries with that burger? Put this two-basket fryer next to your patio grill to serve up French fries, fish’n’chips, breaded veggies, or whatever else your imagination can come up with!
Everyone’s heard about turkey fryers by now, but have you ever tried one? If your outdoor chef doesn’t have one of these in their bag of tricks, it’s time to start thinking about getting them the King Kooker kit. Already have one? Try adding an aluminum basket that will turn that fryer into a steamer for seafood or vegetables.

5. Brewing kits

What goes great with some backyard cooking? Beer! Try a new hobby and start brewing your own at home with a Mr. Beer Starter Kit in American Lager or Long Play IPA, and don’t forget the bottles! Not much of a drinker? No problem, just get a Mr. RootBeer Kit instead (bottles are included with root beer kits).

6. CanCooker

CanCookers are great in the kitchen, outside, or in the backcountry because they can be used on any heat source. They use steam to cook your food to perfection, are big enough to feed crowds of 6 to 16 people, and are easy to clean. Choose from the 4-gallon Original2-gallon Jr., or 1.5-gallon Companion.

7. Dutch ovens

For the past 300 years or so, people have been cooking with Dutch ovens. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic like that, and there’s no shortage of recipes to try. Opened in 1896, the Lodge Manufacturing Company offers all kinds of cast iron cooking products, like these Dutch ovens with legs.

8. Grill & camp stove accessories

So maybe you’ve gotten this far down the list and realized that your grillmeister already has all of the things we’ve mentioned. If that’s the case, you can always check out our accessories for camp stoves and grills for those little extras that make all the difference. Turn any ground meat into delicious jerky and snack sticks with the LEM Jerky Cannon. Make pizza, bread, and desserts on a Camp Chef stove with their Artisan Outdoor Oven accessory. Give them the extra edge with the 10-Piece Cut-n-Que BBQ set from Outdoor Edge, or the tactical-style battle-ready Apron and Tool Set from CampMaid!