If you’re hunting for the right gift for the hunter in your life, scope out these ideas we’ve put together to take some of the uncertainty out of your shopping. It can seem like hunters have everything they could ever need or want, but the truth is there’s always one more piece of gear that they’d love to get (and might be afraid to ask for). Maybe they already have all of these things, but they need an upgrade from the worn out stuff they’ve been knocking around for years. A new gun or bow is always great, but only if you know exactly which one they want. If they haven’t given you enough direction, never fear, any of these will put a smile on their face when they tear off that camo wrapping paper. If all else fails, you can always get a Gift Card and let them pick out exactly what they were hoping for. Our new email Gift Cards are especially handy if your favorite hunter is living far away, and conveniently allow you to cut out shipping time and cost!

1. Boots & socks

When we were kids, there was nothing worse than getting socks as gifts. Now we’re grownups, and we know better. Ask anyone who’s had a miserable time outdoors due to inadequate footwear, and they’ll tell you it can really make or break a trip. Check out these great outdoor-performing socks from WigwamFarm to Feet, and Smartwool.

A good pair of boots is always welcome in the hunter’s gear collection. Boots that can take a beating and still be comfortable are worth their weight in gold, like Zamberlan’s Smilodon and Bushmaster, Danner’s Alsea and High GroundLacrosse Alphaburly, and Browning Buck Pursuit.

All set on new boots? Think about a boot dryer like the DryGuy to start the day off right and extend the life of footwear.

2. Clothes

Is your hunter still roaming the wilderness in ragged jeans and an old flannel shirt with missing buttons? Wardrobe upgrades aren’t just for the fashion-forward; they can make great gifts for the hunter who might not otherwise spoil themselves with new clothes. Check out rain jackets from GrundensUnder ArmourNomadCarhartt, and Killik. The Nomad Barrier Jacket is also a great pick to consider. If hoodies are more their style, try one from King’s Camo, or Sitka’s Kelvin Lite. Speaking of Sitka, the Timberline Pants are durable and packed with useful features. A matching set of head-to-toe camo patterned clothes is the ideal outfit, so grab everything at once!

Looking for a fun, classic clothing gift? How about an old-fashioned Carhartt Union Suit in red or camo?

3. A good knife

A hunter can’t really have too many knives, in their own opinion anyway. There are many quality brands to choose from, but it’s hard to go wrong with classics like BuckCase, and Gerber. Knives with replaceable blades, like Havalon, take out the frustration of constant re-sharpening in the field. Outdoor Edge also offers replaceable blade knives, in addition to a variety of kits and combos.

4. Knife sharpener

Does your hunter claim to have plenty of knives, but they’re all dull? Knife sharpeners are a great gift, with plenty of varieties for home or field use. Work Sharp offers very popular electric sharpeners with replaceable belts that work great on all kinds of blades, including serrated blades and kitchen knives!

5. A gun safe

Keep those guns and other valuables safe and sound! Prevent unauthorized access and promote safety with a full-size gun safe from BrowningCannon, or Liberty. If you’re looking for something smaller, GunVault has a lot to offer for keeping handguns locked up tight but readily available in case of emergency.

6. Smokers & pellet grills

One of the greatest parts of hunting is sharing the harvest with friends and family. Smokers and pellet grills are the perfect way to prepare wild game and store-bought meats. Get the gift that benefits everybody with smokers from Masterbuilt and Pit Boss, or pellet grills from GMG and Camp Chef!

7. Food processing

Follow your food from the trail to the table and save money by processing it all at home. Getting the right food processing equipment from brands like LEM, FoodSaver, and Weston will give your hunter control over every step of slicing, grinding, and storing the harvest. Dehydrators and jerky kits will produce great snacks at a fraction of store prices, seasoned to perfection according to your personal tastes.

8. Rangefinder

Help them quickly take the guesswork out of determining shooting distance with a new rangefinder. Whether they hunt with a bow, rifle, or alternate depending on the season, they’ll love something from brands like NikonLeica, and Vortex. Rangefinders work great for golfers, too!

9. GPS

Everybody gets a little bit “turned around” (some might say “lost”) once in a while, and even the most seasoned outdoor veterans are no exception. Garmin offers a range of GPS devices to fit every budget and help hunters find the best spots while still getting home safe. If your hunter has unshakeable faith in their navigation skills (and maybe a tender ego), add an onX Hunt Map chip and simply explain that it will show them new areas, keep them in the right unit, and prevent accidental trespassing mishaps.

10. Optics

Scopes and binoculars are always a good gift, if you have a general idea of what your hunter is looking for. Keep an eye out for great deals on rifle scopesspotting scopesbinoculars, even night vision like the LTO-Quest from Leupold. Keep an eye out for other brands like Leica, Vortex, Nikon, Burris, Firefield, Sightmark, and Carson that all offer a wide variety of quality models for every need or budget.

11. Trail cam

One of the great things about buying a trail camera for a gift is that no hunter can ever have too many of them. Once they’re set up, they can help determine what kinds of animals are moving around a particular area, and what times of day they’re most active. While you’re at work, school, or attending to other everyday life stuff, your trail cams are out there doing the scouting for you! Stealth Cam, Primos, and Moultrie are among the top brands for trail cams with plenty of different options available.

12. Extreme-duty cooler

Who wouldn’t want a new extreme-duty cooler? Most models are bear-resistant, and boast ice-retention of up to 10+ days depending on which one you get. Pick from brands like Canyon Coolers, Yeti, Pelican, Orca, OtterBox, Lost Creek, and Grizzly.