Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that can be a tough holiday to shop for if your significant other has very little interest in chocolates, fancy restaurants, or cards declaring how much “I WUV U”. If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re with more of an outdoorsy sort of person. They prefer campfires to candlelight, tents for two instead of honeymoon hotels, hot springs instead of hot tubs, and any long walks on the beach have to include some fishing tackle. Check out these gifts for himherthe dog, or just treat yourself. We’ve put together some ideas to help you out from our own wish lists, but if none of this sounds right to you, go for a Gift Card. They’re a great way to show them you definitely know what they like, even if you’re not exactly sure what they want. By the way, ship-to-store or any orders over $49 have free shipping!


Considering a trip to the jewelry store, even though you know they’re not really into that kind of thing? Go with your gut and skip it, you can still get them a version of those old traditional trinkets and baubles that’ll get them excited:

Get Them A Diamond – Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, guys like ‘em, too! We offer plenty of Diamond Archery stuff for both of them, because you can do a lot more with a bow than a shiny old rock. If they’re not into archery, or just expanding into other outdoor activities, check out all of the Black Diamonds you can give them this year.

Buy Them A Gold Ring – A Leupold Gold Ring, that is. Browse our Leupold rifle scopes for that perfect fit. Are they all set on rifle scopes, or you’re not sure which one is sized right? No problem, just get them the Leupold GR 12-40x60mm HD Spotting Scope. It’s engineered for optimal use during twilight hours when the lights are low.

Gold Panning & Metal Detecting – Dig up some treasure together with our collection of gold panning and metal detecting equipment. This is a fun activity that you can do together anywhere from the backcountry to your own backyard!

Silver & Gold – Show them how much they mean to you with a Henry Golden Boy or Silver Boy lever-action rifle. They’re as classic and timeless as love itself.

Other Precious Metals – Don’t forget those other precious metals, brass and lead! Load up on ammunition and spend a romantic day at the range together. Once the sun goes down, snuggle up together at the reloading bench for a relaxing night at home.


Show them that you want to do things together outdoors with gear that’s made for two:

Love Seats & Sets – Share some time around the fire or fishing hole with our Quad Love SeatCaravan Zero Gravity Love Seat, or Summerwinds 3-Piece Folding Bungee Chair Set.

Sleeping Bags – What’s better than a night under the stars? Only a night under the stars with the one you love! Most rectangular sleeping bags can be zipped together, if you get one in a left-handed zipper and the other in a right-handed. Some mummy bags also zip together, but they’re pretty rare. Don’t fear the commitment of a double bag, take the plunge with Teton models for RV’s, the Queen Size Mammoth or Fahrenheit Mammoth, or the lighter-weight Tracker Double Wide mummy bag! Even if you’re just planning a day hike, it’s always a good idea to pack something like the SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivy and put a little togetherness in emergency preparedness.

Double Cots – Sure, you could push two cots together, but that’s not exactly a comfy and cozy way to spend a night out together. Instead, check out the double cots from Rustic Ridge and Kamp Rite to make that tent a proper bedroom. Kamp Rite also offers Double Tent Cots in two different models that integrate shelter over your cot to make a nice little hideaway for two!

Sleeping Pads & Air Mattresses – Kick up the camp comfort with an airbed or sleeping pad! Let’s face it; sleeping on the cold, hard ground is a recipe for disaster on a romantic camping getaway. Airbeds are awesome, and the pinnacle of luxury in the woods, but they can be too heavy if you’re planning a backpacking trip for two. If cutting pack weight or volume is crucial, check out the Alps Mountaineering 4-in-1 Lightweight Self Inflating Air Pad, or Klymit’s Ultralight Double V Sleeping Pad. For a happy medium between weight and warmth, the Klymit Insulated Double V Sleeping Pad is a perfect choice.

Double Hammocks or Double Hangers – Hammock camping is really taking off, especially among backpackers. That doesn’t mean you have to sleep in separate beds, though, with double hammocks available like the Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon (also available in prints) or ENO DoubleNest (also in prints, of course). If you want to go hammock camping together but feel like a double is a little too claustrophobic, try the ENO Fuse Tandem Hammock Hanging System which allows you to keep close proximity without sacrificing comfort.


Put some adventure into this Valentine’s Day with a new twist on scavenger hunts. Mark your rendezvous location on a map and include a compass so they can find their way to you. Go big and set up a geocaching date: give them a handheld GPS and place clues in various places (containers like this and these are perfect) that they follow in sequence until they reach your secret basecamp. Geocaching isn’t just for the backcountry; it’s also a fun and easy activity for cities, which allows you to expand the clues. Sometimes people will leave clues with store clerks, friends, and family members to make the search even more interactive. Have them start out at home or work and find you waiting for them at that special place!


If you’re looking for more ideas, check out these gift lists from years past: