November 2020

A self-taught ballistics engineer built a better bullet. He was the tall, angular architect of a bullet that revolutionized big game hunting around the world...

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We put together some of the best gift ideas to make gift giving for the nature lover in your life easier. Whether it is hunting or fishing...we got you covered.

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Screaming bulls, thirty miles deep in the Thorofare Wilderness and at over ten thousand feet sounds like heaven to me. I have wanted to do a wilderness hunt....


From time to time, we need to ship a firearm. Whether it is because we are traveling to hunt and the cost of shipping is less than the airline’s extra bag fee..

Shooting Hunting

A responsible gun owner needs to put some thought into achieving some level of proficiency with a firearm. Handguns are the most difficult firearms to master...


When I close my eyes, I can still see the image of a giant velvet bull from the pages of an Outdoor Life magazine that started this dream over two decades ago.


I’ve surmised that bright spot in the whole mess was a major insurgence of people into the outdoors, fishing, camping and re-discovering the wonders of nature.