The Ox 4 hub blind is designed for hunters who want serious performance from a smaller package. It features their durable OxHide fabric, a unique bonded fabric that starts out with a rugged, no scratch black interior layer, then is covered with a soft, no-shine and color rich camouflage exterior layer. The interior fabric layer creates a dull black backdrop to conceal even the slightest movement.

Built for the hardcore hunter, the Barronett Ox 4 Backwoods Hunting Blind sets you up for hunting success with excellent concealment and multiple window configurations. The Ninja adaptable window system, which allows hunters optimal heights and gaps for multiple setups, offers a full panoramic view as well as ample shooting options. It also has two smaller ‘peek’ windows located on the rear wall.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the camo pattern. BLOODTRAIL Backwoods is a second-generation photo-realistic camo pattern. What sets BLOODTRAIL camos apart is the vertical orientation, large scale, variation in color and depth of field. With Backwoods the scale is even larger, making it effective on large items and the great detail makes it impressive at close range. The main focus within the pattern is the grouped colors of brown leaves, green pine needles and gray tree trunks to eliminate the “blob” affect when viewed from a distance. You’ll be amazed at how the BLOODTRAIL Backwoods camo pattern will disappear at any distance.

Putting up the blind is a snap. All you have to do is take it out of the carry bag, grab the pull handle on the eyelet, located in the center of the wall or roof and pull outward until that section pops open. Then continue until all five panels have popped open. To take it down, just push in the sides and top, fold each section over and roll it up. Setup and take-down time are literally under one minute. And you can count on your Ox 4’s durability, as its heavy-duty poles and metal ball and socket hubs will perform for years to come. You can also take advantage of the built-in brush holders to stuff some extra local vegetation into for added concealment and ground stakes and tie downs are also included for added stability.

The Ox 4 weighs only 28 pounds and comes with a backpack carrying case. Its footprint dimensions are 60” x 60” and it stands 72” high. MSRP $249.99

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