By Shane Chuning

This year I drew a premium elk tag in Utah in some rough country, with limited road access. The trips scouting are long and grueling hikes in and out and with all the time invested, money spent on fuel etc, I figured it would be a perfect time to test out the new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD. Depending on your situation, this little powerhouse just might save you money in the long run. Let’s go ahead with a quick rundown for setup and features.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless picBushnell nailed the ease of setup in eight simple steps to get you going and finished in no time at all. The first step is the new account setup, which consists of email address and password. Second step is the new account registration. This is not a long, dragged out process and has been made very easy. The third step then gets you started by adding your camera’s serial number. Number four step in the process is be adding 12 batteries and an SD card. Fifth, is simply sliding the camera switch to the setup position. Sixth, you would enter in your cell phone or email address info you want pictures sent to. Seventh is as easy as saving that info. Lastly, your eighth step is the test picture process that will be sent to you. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

image1On top of that, they have a user friendly App where you can make changes to your trail camera settings when need be. The Trophy Cam HD Wireless also has a GPS chip that updates the location daily and you can view that via satellite imagery. They have also made the thumbnails 4X larger to make it much easier to make out the detail in the photo’s being sent over. The new modem has more expanded coverage and is provided by AT&T. To my surprise, I was receiving pictures within a minute, even only having 1-bar of signal strength.

Having a 0.3 second trigger speed with 720p HD video and 14 megapixels, as well as 48 No Glow LED’s, this trail camera is sure to be a winner.  With the ease of setup and the convenience of all the features being accessible at your finger tips by way of the Bushnell Trophy Cam App, I’m quite sure this will be a mainstay in the years to come for those serious about the game they pursue.