By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Bonded bullets are nothing new. Melding lead and copper together to create a jacket that is bonded to its core can be done through a variety of means, but ultimately provides a bullet that is generally more accurate and hits harder with better expansion.

Bonded bullets can be more expensive to produce than standard cup and core non- bonded bullets.

This is where the Fusion bullet from Federal comes into play. Featuring a molecularly fused copper jacket over a core of pressure formed lead, the Fusion provides a thick coating of copper bonded to its core for maximum expansion with minimal weight loss. On top of that, or I should say on the bottom of that, is a specially configured boat-tail for better flight performance.

This combination makes for exceptional accuracy. In our Browning A-Bolt 7mm Remington Magnum, we were seeing one-inch groups out to 100 yards off a rest. This is MOA accuracy out of a mass-produced factory bullet. We saw even better performance with our .270 Winchester fired out of a Weatherby Vanguard.

Part of the reason for these great groups was the consistency of the loads, with muzzle velocities very close to those printed on the boxes, and with only minimal deviation.

The way this bullet is built, provides exceptional expansion and weight retention. The tip is skived, or scored with small lines, to ensure maximum expansion. Additionally, the lead core peeks out of the tip to give the bullet a soft lead face wrapped in thick copper. The end result is a bullet that expands beautifully, but holds together to deliver maximum mass on target for deeper penetration. All without spraying the inside tissue with bits of lead and copper.

Not only is the bullet an innovative offering, but it tops Federal brass with sealed primers. Coupled with a tight crimp on an ogived bullet, these cartridges are waterproof and reliable.

For big game that needs maximum penetration, or smaller game that needs maximum expansion, the Fusion bullet with a skived tip, molecular bonded jacket, pressure formed core, and optimized boattail provides excellent terminal performance from a factory cartridge at the price of a non-bonded round.

They come in a variety of weights and calibers, so you can find the offering your gun likes best.

In the box, the shells are loaded in strips of ten, in belt loop cartridge holders, so you can easily slip them onto your sling or belt for easy access.

Try the Fusion cartridges from Federal with your rifle system, and see if they might be a good fit for you; performance and value in one package. Pick up a box today at your local Sportsman's Warehouse.