Designed with the waterfowl hunter in mind, the Franchi Affinity 3 Elite shotgun provides next-level enhancement of Franchi’s already stellar shotgun.

With Cerakote finish on the barrel, action, and magazine cap to protect the metal from the elements, to special Optifade camo patterns to provide the best concealment in a variety of environments, to upgraded fiber optic front sights, the Elite sets you apart from your standard shotgun.

And the upgrades aren’t just aesthetic. A SureCycle bolt release and an oversized bolt handle make it easier to operate with bulky winter gloves. The Franchi Precision Cone improves your shot pattern consistency and the chrome-lined barrel makes it easier to clean out fouling.

Available in either the Affinity 3 or the 3.5, you can get it chambered to accept 3-inch shells or 3.5-inch shells, and of course they will both shoot 3 and 2 ¾-inch without modification. This means you can easily switch between light trap target loads all the way up to heavy high brass magnum loads without fear of extraction issues.

The Affinity Elite is a semi-automatic and uses the proven Inertia Drive for consistent and reliable feeding and extraction, even when dirty, damp, or dry; so, when those big honkers come fluttering in, you know you will get the job done.

Other features that make this a great shooting shotgun is a thinner wrist for a lower bore axis cheek weld for better sighting, an adjustable cast and drop on the stock for better fit and more comfortable length of pull, and slimmer forends, so the gun is a great fit for any shooter. The ergonomics of this work together with the mechanics to make it a natural pointer and is great for busting clays or ruffling feathers. And the TSA butt pads help absorb felt recoil.

The Elite comes with a shim kit for adjustment, oversized extended choke tubes in close, mid, and long-range in a case with a wrench, so it is ready to pull it out of the case and get shooting.

Our test model is an Affinity 3 Elite in Optifade Waterfowl Marsh in 12 gauge. It is also available in Optifade Waterfowl Timber and in 12 or 20 gauge.

For the sportsman or woman looking for a comfortable and easy-to-shoot gun that has a ton of versatility, reliability, and value, they should take a hard look at the Elite series of Franchi Affinity 3 or 3.5 shotguns.

We put this gun to the test, check them out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse gun counter.