Just about every hunter has a HEVI-Shot story. The story usually describes an incredibly difficult shot – long yardage, high winds, a triple – something clearly out of the ordinary that HEVI-Shot shotshells made possible. Hunters know that HEVI-Shot shotshells will give them more lethal pellets on target, at higher energies, than other shotshells. Period.

HEVI-Shot products make better memories for hunters by performing better in the field. In fact, they made the very first "Heavier Than Lead" pellets. They pioneered irregular pellet shapes, which boost lethality and reduce drag. HEVI-Shot was the first to couple non-deforming pellets with buffer and nanoparticle lubricants to generate their legendary tight patterns.

Simply put, if you have a shotgun, HEVI-Shot has your ammo. They make five product families for waterfowl hunting alone. They also make three product families for turkey hunting, as well as loads for varmint hunting, upland birds, and home defense.

The Sportsman’s News Team had a chance to test a few boxes of HEVI-Metal and HEVI-X loads this past spring on big numbers of spring snow geese in Saskatchewan and let's just say we were more than impressed.

Our first box of HEVI-Metal 12ga. loads definitely put the odds in our favor every time the shot was called. We found that their Pattern-Density Technology consistently packed more pellets than conventional steel loads into a 40-yd. pattern for some amazing results. Industry tests have shown that an average of 138 No. 2 HEVI-Metal pellets are patterned in a 30” circle at 40 yds., compared to 111 No. 2 steel pellets at the same distance. The effectiveness of these hard-hitting loads doesn’t stop with superior pattern density either. The sharp-edged pellets have deeper penetration than similar-size steel shot too and yes, they are even made in the USA!

We were also able to try out their HEVI-X tungsten-based waterfowl loads on the trip. Compared to steel shotshells with the same shot size, HEVI-X gives you 40% more knockdown power at 40 yards and 50% more knock down power at 60 yards. We even found that HEVI-X loads let you shoot two shot sizes smaller than you would shoot with a steel shotshell and still give you 25% more pellets on target, higher downrange velocity and more consistent patterns than steel. It was amazing to watch those cackling snows fall out of the sky at distances most wouldn’t even pull the trigger at!

hevi shotHEVI-X is a mid-density pellet—about halfway between steel shot (approximately 7.86 g/cc) and HEVI-Shot (approximately 12.0 g/cc). HEVI-X is made with a lower tungsten content than high-density tungsten pellets and since tungsten is possibly the most-expensive metal ever offered in a shotshell pellet, significantly reducing the tungsten content significantly reduces the cost. That is why HEVI-X loads sell at about half the price of high-density loads.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I didn’t come this far to miss!”, you are just the customer HEVI-Shot is looking for. If you haven’t tried a HEVI-Shot product yet, then maybe it’s time for you to make a HEVI-Shot or HEVI-X story of your own.

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