If you are looking for a pair of boots that can withstand the rigors of hunting life, are built to fit, and can guarantee your comfort, you should consider the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” Hunting Boots. These boots offer premium protection for your feet and they are made to last.

The Alphaburly’s are designed with several layers of rubber at the toe and the heels to protect your feet from dangerous elements. Also, these layers of rubber don’t crack or break easily, making the boots very durable. The boots also have a double vamp, which supports and protects the toes, should something heavy accidentally fall onto the boots.

Although the Alphaburly’s have several protective coverings, they are not very heavy at around 5 lbs., so you can rest assured that your feet will not fatigue easily. And unlike some boots, the Alphaburly Pro is very easy to slip on and also take off. This is because of their gussets, which easily adjust to make room for almost any calf.

The Alphaburly Pro’s embossed wick liner does a brilliant job in enhancing the circulation of air in the interior of the boots while at the same time preventing any form of moisture from developing inside the boots. This feature greatly helps in keeping your feet from perspiring as well as preventing foul odor from being generated inside the boots. The boots’ neoprene lining does a terrific job of making the boots water-tight, as well.

Wherever the hunt takes you, the Alphaburly Pro is always ready and able. Its unique tread pattern gives you the traction to move through demanding terrain while its chamfered edges keep you fast on your feet by shedding the mud, the muck, and everything else you are traversing. The Alphaburly Pro features a thick EVA midsole for less weight, more comfort and unequaled hunting performance season after season.

Every hunter wants to hunt longer. The Alphaburly Pro makes it all possible by keeping your feet comfortable no matter the weather conditions, no matter the terrain. As I mentioned above, its embossed neoprene liner creates better air circulation while also regulating temperature inside the boot. So, your feet never get too hot and sweaty or too cold and stiff. And with its full rubber clad over neoprene construction, scent protection is also at a premium.

They also come in Pro 800g Insulated Waterproof, Pro Uninsulated Waterproof, and Women's 15" Pros.

The Alphaburly Pro proves that durability and flexibility can comfortably coexist in a boot. So, no matter where the hunt takes you, rest assured that your boots will get the job done in every situation. Check this great pair of hunting boots out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.