The new VX-5HD hit the market several years ago and was a big hit. It provides a 30mm tube as well as some of the best glass money can buy and all on an American made product. The highest magnification model was the 3-15x44, which was great, but out past 1,000 yards it was a bit tough to be precise.

Leupold heard what customers were saying and are launching a few new models for 2019 with the long-range shooters in mind. They have added a total of 3 new scopes in this line, which now have a 34mm tube to work with. There is a 4-20x52mm CDS-ZL2 that has your standard duplex reticle. It provides you with two full revolutions of the turret and a zero lock. The 4-20x52mm T-ZL3-Target that will allow for three full revolutions of the turret and has more of a target style adjustments and also has the TMOA reticle. Both of these models have a full 110 minutes of vertical and horizontal windage adjustment, which is pretty impressive. The last model is the 7-35x56mm T-ZL3-Target with the TMOA reticle. This is a serious long-range scope. It provides 55 minutes of elevation adjustment and 40 minutes of windage adjustment.

As with the other VX-5HD's that are already on the market, these are equipped with the Twilight Max HD Light Management System. This means that you have some of the best glass money can buy. It provides you with premium high definition glass and good edge to edge clarity. In our testing, it really allowed you to see well into the shadows where a big buck might be lying and those last minutes of legal shooting light are no problem, even at maximum magnification. It is a rear, or what most call a second focal plane, scope. This means that your reticle will stay the same size as you zoom through the power options. This allows you to see the majority of the target at long ranges, which is my preferred option. It has scratch resistant lenses and uses Guard-ion lens coatings that help to shed dirt and water. They are both waterproof as well as fogproof and these scopes endure a torture test that is far more extreme than you can ever imagine putting it through during your time in the field. When visiting the factory in Oregon in 2018, we got to see this process in action and it truly made a believer out of me on how well these scopes are made.

The one thing that is really impressive with these scopes, considering the quality of glass they have as well as their durability, is their overall weight. The would be consider very lightweight for what they are. They fall between 23.3 ounces and 25.9 ounces depending on the model you choose.