For more than 150 years, Winchester Repeating Arms has created legendary firearms using innovative design, quality materials, and precision manufacturing processes to deliver the kind of products we as sportsmen want and need. That same standard applied when the new Super X4 autoloading shotgun was introduced in 2017. Based on the proven Active Valve gas system, the new Super X4 offered enhanced ergonomics, easier to access operating controls, lighter weight, a more fluid swing, faster cycling speed and the proven reliability we have all come to expect from Winchester Repeating Arms.

In 2018, Winchester debuted the purpose-built turkey gun, the SX4 Cantilever Turkey with Mossy Oak Obsession camo finish, adjustable rifle-style sights, a TRUGLO fiber optic front sight, cantilever optic mount, chrome plated chamber and bore, Invector-Plus chokes.

The partnership that Winchester has with the NWTF is a special one. For both, turkey hunting is more than just a hobby, it’s a commitment to conservation of habitat and a tradition as old as America itself. Winchester knows shotguns and the NWTF knows turkeys, so the creation of a fantastic turkey gun built on the award winning SX4 platform was a natural.

The SX4 is built on the bulletproof Active Valve system that was the core foundation of the SX, with improved balance, controls and internal operating components. Back-bored technology provides optimum shot patterns that are dense and even. The SX4 has a synthetic stock with improved ergonomics, a rounder pistol grip and textured gripping surfaces. It has a drop-out trigger group for easier cleaning.

The fit and balance of a shotgun stock are critical factors of how well you are able to shoot it. To help with this, Winchester includes polymer length-of-pull spacers that fit between the stock and the recoil pad. When adjusted properly, you will be able to shoulder your shotgun more smoothly and with confidence, while experiencing less felt recoil. Specially shaped rib structures located inside the recoil pad itself help direct and channel the recoil impulse, moving the comb down and away from your cheek, spreading the recoil forces over a wider area for further cushioning, making the SX4 one of the lightest recoiling shotguns on the market today. This was very evident when we did our testing with this model at the range with 1 ¾ oz. loads.

Another great feature of this great turkey gun is the generously sized, reversible safety, located at the rear of the angular-profiled trigger guard. It is easy to reverse for a right- or left-handed shooter and the opening on the trigger guard is plenty big for easy access, even when wearing heavy gloves on those cold, spring mornings.

This NWTF model features a 24” barrel with a cantilever rail, hard chrome-plated 3.5” chamber and bore, adjustable rifle-style sight with TruGlo fiber optic front sight and a full Mossy Oak Obsession finish. It has a 4-round tubular magazine capacity and includes an Invector-Plus Extended Extra Full Turkey choke with a camouflage front band.

Through Winchester’s support, a portion of the sale of each NWTF Turkey gun is donated to the NWTF to support habitat improvements, conservation, development and other worthwhile projects.

TSS at 50 yardsTSS at 50 yards

TSS at 20 yardsTSS at 20 yards

TSS Tungsten Turkey gives hunters a new edge in the field. Loaded with the densest shot available (60% denser than lead) and offered in duplex payloads, turkeys out to 70 yards don’t stand a chance. The really great thing about this new ammo is what it does for the smaller gauges. In the past, many have thought 20’s and 410’s were under powered for turkeys. But, with the new Browning TSS Tungsten, these small gauges can easily get the job done, greatly enhancing the experience for women and youth hunters. Available in 3- and 3.5-inch 12ga., 3-inch 20ga. and 3-inch .410 bore.

Long Beard at 20 yardsLong Beard at 20 yards

Long Beard at 50 yardsLong Beard at 50 yards

Winchester Long Beard XR
For millions of hunters across America, chasing wild turkeys is what they live for. Turkey hunters are fanatics about their shotgun, choke and ammunition choices and Winchester prides themselves at being the leader in the field. Long Beard XR just keeps achieving new heights, as it made a clean sweep of the NWTF’s annual Still Target Championships for 2018. Winchester loads won every division in the Championship and currently hold every world record set at the annual event. Quite an accomplishment.

Another great tool is the Winchester Pattern Board. You can download the free app that allows you to select your gauge, choke, shell length, pellet size, brand and distance, then view the real pattern from that load as well as patterns from comparable loads.

The best way to determine how a shotgun will pattern a given shotshell load at different ranges is to actually shoot a few through the gun and analyze the results—however, Winchester’s new Pattern Board app is not a bad second option. For those who won’t have the opportunity to take their guns out for a little range testing prior to turkey season, there’s no need to guess how Winchester’s various turkey loads will perform out in the field, as the company has already done the work for its customers and has made that information available to your computer or wireless device via

Not a simulation, Pattern Board allows the user to input a number of different variables and then produces actual patterning results using those same variables as shot by Winchester staffers. With more than 3,000 patterns in its database, Pattern Board contains three patterns for each scenario the user can devise, for each of the company’s four gobbler-getting product lines.

Specifically, Pattern Board is configured for three different gauges (10, 12, and 20), and offers a range of choke constrictions within each gauge (from 0.585” to 0.745”). The user can then select shell length (3” or 3½”), pellet size (No. 4, 5, or 6), type of Winchester ammunition (Double X High Velocity, Double X Magnum, Super-X or Longbeard XR) and the distance at which the shot is to be taken (between 10 and 70 yds.). Our testing was at 20 and 50 yards.

Once all selections have been entered, Pattern Board provides actual patterning results using those variables for all four Winchester product lines. And clicking into your shot pulls up all three patterns that were shot using your customized selections. Pattern Board also breaks down how many of the load’s pellets are located within the 3”, 10”, 15” and 30” rings, respectively.