In 2018 SIG SAUER launched the BDX system, which is an acronym for Ballistic Data Exchange. It was revolutionary and was quickly the talk on all the trade show circuits, publications, as well as forums. It was an entire shooting system that combined your rangefinder, riflescope, and and an app on your smart phone. The downloadable app gives you the ability to have numerous different rifles and load setups that can be easily transferred back and forth between the app, binos, and scope. This is completely corrected data as well. What that means is that it will take into account all of your input ballistic data, as well as angle, temperature, pressure, etc. Once all of this information was dialed in at the range, you no longer needed your phone with you. You could take your rifle and rangefinder to the field and it was business as usual. Once you found your target, you would get into a good shooting position, take a good solid range on the animal and this range would light up a “hold for” blue dot on the retention reticle. As easy as range and hold on the target and squeeze. This system eliminated the need to adjust a turret and the system is designed to be accurate out to 800 yards and it performed flawlessly during our testing.

Now new for 2019 is the KILO3000BDX 10X42 Binoculars which have all of that same technology as the rangefinder did when this system was launched. However, having a binocular that you hold with two hands instead of a rangefinder that you only hold with one hand is far superior in my opinion. The difference between the 7X magnification in the rangefinder and the 10X power in the binocular is another great advantage.

At 5.75” high by 4.85” wide and only weighing 31 ounces, this set of binoculars is very compact and feels good in your hand. They are listed as a 5,000 yard rangefinder on SIG’s website on reflective targets, 2,000 on trees and we were able to achieve 2,800 yards consistently on rocks and trees under what we consider a hunting scenario and by hand holding the binos. On top of that, the data comes back extremely fast.

When testing these for optical quality, we found that they were very clear and even performed well in low light. I often spend hours a day glassing off of a tripod and looking over a mile away. I appreciated the screw in adapter to hold my tripod mount, but these long glassing sessions did yield some eye fatigue. This is usually improved by more coatings and better glass, but also creates a bigger price and at $1,199.99 this is a great price and value. It’s a complete shooting system overall that will have you consistently and easily hitting targets out to 800 yards.

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