The SIG SAUER Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX) rangefinder, riflescope and app has transformed hunting with its unprecedented simplicity and accuracy. KILO BDX rangefinders and SIERRA3BDX riflescopes combine the power of Applied Ballistics Data with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to get the most accurate and ethical shot.

There are three ways to use BDX:

KILO BDX RANGEFINDERS: The KILO BDX rangefinder gives you unprecedented capability in the palm of your hand. Simply set your ballistic profile in the SIG BDX app and when you range your target, the KILO BDX will automatically provide an elevation holdover and windage adjustment. Adjust accordingly and take your shot.

SIERRA3BDX RIFLESCOPES: The powerful SIERRA3BDX riflescope revolutionizes the art of holdover calculation. Once synced with your SIERRA3BDX riflescope, you can configure up to eight fixed holdover dots in the digital ballistic reticle based on your unique ballistic, creating a customized illuminated reticle. No more turrets to adjust or calculations to make. Perfect for known distance shooting, like action rifle stage shooting for 3-Gun competitions or hunting when paired Bluetooth devices are restricted.

BDX OPTICS SYSTEM: When used together KILO BDX rangefinders and SIERRA3BDX riflescopes combine to create the most advanced optics system available on the market today. Simply configure your ballistic profile in the BDX app, pair your KILO BDX rangefinder with the app and then bond it to your SIERRA3BDX riflescope. When you range your target the KILO BDX rangefinder automatically sends your specific holdover data to your SIERRA3BDX riflescope giving you an illuminated holdover dot. It’s simple and fast.

ROMEO8T Red Dot Sight

Designed for the most severe conditions, the ruggedized ROMEO8T allows for rapid target acquisition in any situation. With a massive field of view, the ROMEO8T delivers unparalleled target acquisition, accuracy and situational awareness, accelerating reaction time on follow-up shots.

The ROMEO8T features a 38mm rectangular viewing window with high performance coatings for excellent light transmission and red dot contrast, even under night vision. With 0.5MOA adjustments for precise zeroing and ballistic drops built into the reticle for distance shooting without dialing or guessing on holdovers, the ROMEO8T is adaptable to the mission.

The durability of this optic is undeniable. The ruggedized 7075 CNC Aluminum housing of the ROMEO8T sits within an integral field-replaceable lightweight Titanium shroud for added strength. Standard features include front and rear flip caps, an anti-reflective device and an IPX-8 waterproof rating (20 meters submersion for 30 minutes).

When it comes to versatility, the ROMEO8T exceeds expectations. The onboard Quad Ballistic Circle Dot reticle of the ROMEO8T gives you four selectable reticle options for extensive targeting capabilities and the 1.53” optical center height easily allows for night vision and magnifier compatibility. The durable ½” hex bolt mounting system is designed to fit both Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails, ensuring fast and easy transitions of the optic between firearms.

With MOTAC technology and a common CR-123 Lithium battery, the optic offers 10 years of run time - so you can trust that it’s ready when you are.

Never be without your ROMEO8T.