For 2019, Sitka Gear culminated a three-year project to redesign their base layering system. Sitka Gear has always understood that proper layering is the key to spending more time in the outdoors and the base layer acts as the foundation of that system.

While their base layers were already extremely popular among serious hunters in extreme environments, Sitka wanted to integrate better materials that provide more stretch and range of motion as well as more efficient moisture management.

This year, Sitka was able to get that improved system to market in time to make it into your wardrobe for this season’s hunts.

It features several redesigned pieces in heavy, medium, and light weights so they can be configured for a variety of activity levels and weather conditions. The proprietary fabrics can be used together or by themselves under your outer layers to create a base or mid-layer for even more options, to protect you during periods of inactivity waiting in the extreme cold, yet still be versatile enough to keep you from overheating, or worse, getting wet from perspiration during sudden bursts of vigorous activity. They have also improved the drying capability of these base layers. They dry 25 percent faster than the previous versions.

Not only do these base layers hide you from your prey, but they also protect you from the sun. The lightweight pieces have a 30 UPF sun protection rating, which is twice the level of the previous version, and the mid and heavy-weights provide a 50+ UPF rating.

In addition to upgrading the materials, they have even improved the mesh in the face mask on their hoodies so they breathe better without fogging up glasses.

The material has been impregnated with Polygiene Permanent Odor Control Technology to cut down on your scent for human and animal consideration. This technology uses silver to cut odor, so that it doesn’t wash out over time, but continues to work for years of use.

The new top pieces are the Core Lightweight Crew in long and short sleeves and the popular hoodie, the Core Midweight Zip, the Core Heavyweight Zip, and the Core Heavyweight Hoodie. On the bottom, Sitka has the Lightweight Bottom, Midweight Bottom, and Heavyweight Bottom. Each is made of the new proprietary materials and feature a performance fit so they hug your body and are more comfortable under outer layers. The heavyweight layers are also 30 percent warmer. They have also been engineered with fewer seams for more comfort underneath outer layers and to avoid rubbing and hot spots.

The top layers are designed to be worn by themselves without outer layers in warmer and drier weather, but easily fit under heavier jackets and shirts.

The rebooted base layers are an ideal fit for any outdoor activity and come in Optifade Subalpine, Waterfowl Marsh, and Optifade Open Country, so every outdoor activity is covered from waterfowl hunting, to upland birds, to climbing, to big game hunting. They also offer the Lightweight and Fanatic hoodies in black, which is perfect for use in ground blinds.

With a wide range of motion, better stretch, odor control, and the versatility to use pieces together or by themselves, the new base layering system from Sitka Gear is sure to find a place in your closet, as well as in the hunting blind.

Check them out at your local Sportsman's Warehouse or online at today!