Benelli continues to lead the pack with innovation and creativity with the introduction of the Lupo bolt-action centerfire rifle. Renowned for making high-quality shotguns, Benelli blended firearm expertise and Italian craftsmanship to create a centerfire rifle with precise sub-MOA accuracy, superb ergonomics, patented adjustability and unprecedented recoil reduction. Lupo is the Italian word for wolf and this rifle was designed to be an apex hunter.

The Lupo is loaded with innovative features including 7 exclusive Benelli patents. These patents, along with careful attention to design and functionality, have created a hunting rifle that handles beautifully and provides a truly customizable fit. In 2020, the Lupo makes its debut in three of the most popular bolt-action calibers (.30-06 Springfield, .300 Win. Mag., .270 Win.). More calibers are slated to follow in 2021.

The core of the Lupo design is a chassis-style construction built from an alloy lower receiver, a steel barrel and barrel extension and a synthetic stock and forend. The stock incorporates Benelli‘s patented Progressive Comfort recoil-reducing system and Combtech cheek pad for comfortable shooting.

Accuracy • The Lupo was built for accuracy and the key is in its barrel system. The steel barrel is free floating and Crio-treated resulting in a smoother and more uniform steel surface. Attached to a hardened steel barrel extension bedded to a steel block in the alloy receiver, this ingenious barrel attachment creates an unaltered chamber and perfect alignment on every gun. During development, the rifle was subjected to rigorous military-level safety testing against pressure, temperature, drop and barrel stress. Precision accuracy was assured by testing a wide spectrum of ammunition and the Lupo has been field tested on hunts from Africa to the western U.S. The result of this unique process is a rifle that delivers consistent 3-shot, sub-MOA accuracy unleashed with a crisp trigger.

Adjustability • The Lupo’s chassis-style configuration of a separate stock, receiver and forend allow flexibility not available in standard bolt-action rifles. Shooters can customize the Lupo—right out of the box—for a near-perfect fit between shooter and rifle. Drop and cast can be adjusted without the need for expensive gunsmithing. Included shims allow the stock to be set in one of 12 different positions so the Lupo will come to shoulder smoothly and cleanly every time. Great fit equals better control and comfort; and increased accuracy. This customization doesn’t stop with cast and drop. The Lupo can be adjusted by easily swapping out different height cheek pads with comfortable Combtech construction, increasing the stock configuration options to 36 variables. Additional fit adjustments can be made with included LOP spacers, and finger reach to the trigger can be adjusted with included spacers placed between the receiver and the stock. Overall length of pull can be adjusted with an optional butt pad.

Recoil Reduction and Ergonomics •The Benelli Lupo tames recoil with a patented built-in Progressive Comfort system and a Combtech cheek pad. Modified from Benelli’s proven system used on shotguns, the Lupo’s Progressive Comfort system is engineered with sets of interlacing “fingers” that flex, absorbing much of the recoil before it reaches the shoulder. For those who desire even more flexibility, each Lupo barrel comes with the muzzle pre-threaded. Simply remove the muzzle cap to expose the 5/8x24 threading for the attachment of a muzzle brake or suppressor. Decreased recoil, less muzzle flip and less anticipated recoil by the shooter result in a greater ability to stay on target.

The box magazine is incredibly easy to load in or out of the gun. The double-stack configuration has a partial divider that allows the magazine to be loaded like a single stack. Cartridges can be easily loaded with the magazine removed and unlike many other bolt-action rifles, the Lupo is also a pleasure to top load with the magazine in place. The magazine holds 5 rounds firmly without heavy spring pressure. The Lupo’s cutaway bolt works with the magazine, allowing the magazine to insert fully into the receiver without protruding from the bottom of the gun. This design also offers two additional benefits. The cutaway bolt allows the cartridge to ride higher in the magazine and in a straighter alignment with the chamber. The result is minimal chance of damage to the bullet tip when chambering a round and a smoother cartridge entry into the chamber. The short bolt throw quietly chambers and ejects rounds for quick, smooth follow-up shots. Benelli firearms have traditionally been easy to disassemble and clean. The Lupo is no exception. The Lupo bolt can be easily removed from the rifle and with a quick twist the bolt can be disassembled and reassembled without tools even in the field.

Benelli engineers in Italy partnered with a local university to research hand and finger size ranges and placement on the rifle for optimal grip and comfort. The research led them to the unique angle design of the integrated trigger guard, the stock design and two more adjustable features of the Lupo. The strong angle of the stock behind the receiver puts the shooters hand in alignment with the trigger. Included spacers can be inserted between the stock and the receiver to adjust the distance of the trigger finger to the trigger, allowing the shooter to configure the rifle so the pad of the trigger finger falls precisely on the trigger each time the rifle is shouldered. The trigger itself breaks clean and crisp and is adjustable in pull weight from 2.2 to 4.4 lbs.

A two-position, tang-mounted safety offers ambidextrous manipulation. Airtouch Grip surfaces and integrated sling attachments are built into the stock and forend. The top of the receiver is drilled and tapped for the addition of scope rings or a rail.

Benelli continues its rich legacy of blending form, function and industry-leading innovation to provide shooters with high-quality firearms that shoot as well as they look. The Lupo was created to become an extension of the shooter. It’s natural fit offers ease of control, allowing the shooter to concentrate on making the perfect shot, whether on the range or in the field where action can happen quickly, and reaction time is often critical. The Benelli Lupo combines precise accuracy, adjustability, superior ergonomics and recoil reduction in a rifle that is a pleasure to shoot and proven to put down big game around the world.

Benelli Lupo Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

  • Stock/Finish: Black synthetic/black. Trigger: Adjustable (2.2-4.4 lbs.). Barrel: Free-floating CRIO/threaded (5/8x24 threads).
  • Capacity: 5+1. Length of Pull: Adjustable 13.8 – 14.75 inches. Warranty: 7 years.
  • .270 Winchester – Barrel Length: 22 inches. Overall Length: 44.625 inches. Overall Weight: 7 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:10 RH
  • .30-06 Springfield – Barrel Length: 22 inches. Overall Length: 44.625 inches. Overall Weight: 7 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:11 RH
  • .300 Win. Mag. – Barrel Length: 24 inches. Overall Length: 46.625 inches. Overall Weight: 7.1 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:11 RH