The ALPS Outdoorz Commander X meat hauler + Pack was a huge success and took the hunting world by storm, especially for those hunting in the wide open fair chase environs of the west. The one thing hunters repeatedly asked for is the same concept in a smaller daypack. ALPS listened, and this fall they will release their new Hybrid X pack. Featuring the same ability to remove the pack and expand the meat shelf as the Commander X, the Hybrid X provides a lighter and smaller high-speed option for the western bow hunter or rifle hunter who likes to travel light.

The Hybrid X features the molded foam backing that allows air flow to keep your back dry but also provides a comfortable surface for contact when fully loaded, as well as the wide belt and padded suspension system that ALPS users have come to love. It also features the rugged nylon construction in coyote brown that is the hallmark of all of the ALPS Extreme line of packs.

Hybrid-X-2018-Meat-Hauler-PackThe internal frame weighs in at 4 pounds 5 ounces and provides dual aluminum supports for extra strength without too much weight. The meat shelf can be used by itself to haul meat, or the pack can be removed, the shelf loaded with meat to be hauled out, and then a series of compression straps allows the pack to be reinstalled over the meat so you can pack out what you packed in. Go in light, come out heavy. The wide belt features anti-sway straps to keep your load balanced and has two roomy zippered belt pockets, perfect for a rangefinder. Sewn nylon straps are ideal for a pistol holster or knife sheath. An internal elastic pouch on the meat shelf is ideal for transferring your hydration bladder from your pack to the hauler.

The gear pack itself, though smaller than the Commander, still has plenty of room. The 2,750 cubic inch pack doesn’t sacrifice any functionality, and still retains a top loading port with front access so you can easily get to your gear anywhere in the pack. A bow and rifle drop-down pocket helps you keep your weapon out of the way, but also supports it and keeps it from flopping around. A pull-out raincover ensures your spare socks and other gear stays dry as well, but folds up out of the way into its own internal pocket when not needed. Outside mesh pockets as well as internal mesh organizers help you keep your gear where it is easy to find. A top attic lets you keep your most-used gear in easy reach. The pack portion weighs just 1 pound 13 ounces, bringing the total weight of the system to just 6 pounds 3 ounces for a robust but surprisingly lightweight workhorse.

For the hunter looking to get in and out swiftly with their kill and the gear they hiked in with, the Hybrid X provides a valuable tool to get the job done without too much weight or bulk.

Check out the Hybrid X and the full ALPS Extreme line of packs at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.