Since 2007, ALPS OutdoorZ has been designing and manufacturing high quality hunting packs and gear for today’s modern hunter. Brought together by a shared passion for conservation and a love of waterfowl hunting, ALPS OutdoorZ partnered with Delta Waterfowl this year to bring to market a brand new line of high quality gear for waterfowl hunters. Using the same first-rate fabrics, components and design elements found in all of their products, ALPS OurdoorZ is proud to present Delta Waterfowl Gear – Gear for duck and goose hunters, by duck and goose hunters.

The Zero-Gravity Layout Blind is undoubtedly the most comfortable layout blind you will ever use. The elevated, Zero-Gravity chair keeps you off the cold, hard ground and positions your legs comfortably, all while providing a low, stealthy profile. The fabric on the body of the blind flares on all four sides, further hiding you from ducks and geese by eliminating harsh edges. And the best thing about this great blind is the fact that there is not one pin or pole to deal with to assemble it.

img_0852We had four of these blinds sent up to one of our Platinum Approved Outfitters in Alberta, Canada for us to try out on an opening week goose and duck hunt in September. The camo pattern that is used in the design was probably good enough to have concealed us, but with plenty of stubble straps available all over the blind, we were able to completely conceal ourselves from the keen eyes of group after group of wily mallards and big Canadian honkers.

Because of the positioning of the layout chair in the blind, you are ready at all times to burst out when the words, “Take ‘Em” are uttered from your hunting partner or guide. The doors run the full length of the blind, giving you plenty of freedom of movement and more than ample room to swing both left and right. Also, the spread-out design gives you plenty of room for anything you might want to take along to the blind with you. And because you are sitting in basically a reclined easy chair, you will never feel that cold ground under anything other than your boots!

Additional features include a comfy headrest, no floor for easy cleanup, carry straps, zippered flag doors, gear pockets, ample stubble straps and a one-year limited warranty.