For those who want the convenience of their gas stove when they are in the field, nothing beats a Camp Chef camp stove. Camp Chef has taken the convenience and ease of use of its portable propane camp stove and created a value package exclusively for the Sportsman’s Warehouse customer.

The stove features two 30,000 BTU cast aluminum burners with matchless ignition and knobs that work just like your range at home. These knobs allow a wide range of adjustment giving you perfect even heat. To sweeten the deal, Camp Chef has added a reversible grill/griddle, so you can make perfect pancakes or flip it over for nice even grill marks on your steak. They then wrapped the entire package up in a handy and rugged nylon carrying bag for storage and transport.

The cook top is 14 inches across, so it will work with any of the Camp Chef 14-inch accessories from the BBQ box to the Artisan Pizza Oven. With 448 square inches of surface, it will accommodate even the largest stock pot Camp Chef offers and still leave you with plenty of room for a Dutch oven.

The Sportsman’s 2X Stove features detachable legs so it can be used without the legs on a heat resistant surface, or with the legs to place the stove at the perfect height for your cooking comfort.

A heavy-duty welded steel cooking grate on the stove top places your pots, pans, or stove accessory at the perfect height to maximize the flame and hold even heavy Dutch ovens and other cookware. A folding windscreen blocks a stiff breeze from disrupting your flame.

The Sportsman’s 2X is a rugged piece of gear that is ideal for camping, but also a great tool for emergency preparedness, RV camping, home canning, tailgating, back patio cookouts, crawfish boils, large group camping such as scouts, and many other uses.

Everything in the stove is resistant to the elements, so it is easily cleaned by just hosing it off, letting it dry, and then storing it away in its included carry bag.

I like to keep mine tucked between the bed cushions of the Jumping Jack pop up tent and use it frequently on camping trips.