Depending upon the type of hunting you do, having flexibility in your pack system can be the difference between configuring your pack in a way that makes the most sense to you or having a closet full of different packs for different game and environments.

But what if you could have a single pack system that could be adapted to your specific needs? Well, now you do thanks to the Eberlestock Modular Hunting Pack System.

Mainframe Pack
The system starts with the Mainframe Pack, a modular gear shelf with more than 100 optional combinations so you can personalize it to your needs. The pack is made to be used by itself as a frame to strap meat to or with many of the Eberlestock modular pouches and bags, so it is supremely versatile. It is made of ultralight Intex II aluminum and either NT7 or 1,000 Denier weight nylon, depending on your color choice. It comes in six different color choices and camo patterns and weighs a mere four pounds and five ounces.

Little Big Top Pack
This massive 3,800 cubic inch internal frame pack can be used alone or attached via the zipper system to the Mainframe Pack to increase its carrying capability. Featuring a giant top opening that rolls up like a dry bag and provides easy access to all of the internal storage, it also has a zipper opening in the front to gain access to the main compartment, as well as the four internal pockets. It is hydration compatible and has plenty of storage on the outside, as well as six side compression straps for locking down gear or meat. The ultralight Gossamer frame system is strong without extra weight. Coming in at just 3 lbs. 12 ounces without the hip belt and straps, it weighs just 5 lbs. 3 ounces when used as a complete pack by itself. It comes in six color/camo options.

Batwing Pouch
Add even more storage in the vertical Batwing Pouch. With the ability to zip into the Mainframe Pack, they can be used with or without another pack to increase carrying capability. Because they have very little lateral space, they allow gear to be stacked vertically for easier access and less movement. The tube-like shape is great for tripods or spotting scopes and keeps gear in place. They are available in four color/camo options and weigh just 11-ounces each, making them a lightweight expansion option.

Spike Camp Duffle
Keep all of your gear clean and organized by sliding in the Spike Camp Duffle. It can slip inside your Little Big Top for easily pulling out and compartmentalizing your gear or it can slip under the compression straps of the Mainframe Pack to give you and ultralight cargo compartment. With three color options, the Spike weighs just 14-ounces.

Side Scabbard Scoped Rifle Case
To keep your rifle protected and from slapping around on the move, connect the Side Scabbard Scoped Rifle Case with its Padlock PALS/MOLLE attachment clips and a couple of compression straps. The 1 lb. 5-ounce padded scabbard protects your delicate optics and the finish of your gun and is available in four color/camo options.

All together, there are more than 100 possible combinations of pouches, cases, rests and packs in the system and Sportsman’s Warehouse has a wide variety of options to choose from. Check them out in the hunting department and create your perfect modular system.