By Eric Christensen

Eberlestock backpacks have been helping hunters complete their quests through innovative technology for years. Pack systems are nothing new to the market. However, designing the right pack frame with a removable day back is perfect for giving hunters a versatile setup to cover one-day antelope hunts or a week long backcountry elk hunt deep in the Rockies. The F1 mainframe pack is a light yet sturdy frame pack that can be combined with the F2 Transformer pack to offer you just that type of versatility.

The F1 Mainframe pack is designed to the bare bones with an Intex II aluminum frame. 1000 denier fabric outlines the frame for maximum strength and weight. The F1 Mainframe pack’s modular system will work with Eberlestock’s duffels, dry bags or zip-on packs and over 15 accessory options. This modular system gives you over 100 possible combinations to create a pack that works for any outdoor trip.

This great pack features three horizontal compression straps to lock down your load for transport. The compression straps are perfect for securing an elk quarter or duffel bag quickly. The frame sports a shelf to keep loads from shifting to low as you work your way back to camp. An adjustable torso harness will accommodate several types of body sizes.

The F2 Transformer pack is a perfect complement to use with the F1 Mainframe pack or as a stand-alone day pack. Simply swap out the waist belt and you have a 2300 cubic inch day pack. Two full length side pockets can be used for a spotting scope or 3-liter hydration system. The F2 Transformer pack has a top load main compartment for easy access. Ample moly webbing is added to accessorize your pack as needed.

When attaching the F2 Transformer to the F1 Mainframe, there are two options. First, the sides of both packs have full length zippers to attach the packs together. The other method is using the three compressions straps to grapple the packs together. The zipper method meshes the packs together more securely, while the strapping method allows gear to be placed between the packs, like and elk quarter after a successful hunt.

Another recommended accessory to add to the F1 Mainframe is the J2Db dry bag. This lightweight dry bag is great for weather that might release moisture down in your area. In today’s age of electronics, it’s a simple way to keep your gear dry and safe. The dry bag can be attached with an expansion zipper or carried by the compression straps. The A2SS is a self-mounting rifle scabbard that is a great accessory to finish your outfit. It will assist you for a hands-free trek with all your gear.