For more than 10 years, the X1 pack from Eberlestock has been one of the top selling packs for serious backcountry hunters. Now in its fourth generation, the newest version, the X1A3, has refined the design to provide even speedier access to your bow, without removing the pack.

With an integrated Ripcord Tether & Quickdraw Backscabbard, the bow is supported between the two, large tubular front pouches and held in place by a detachable tether. With a snap of the parachute clip, the bow can be drawn by grasping the cam and pulling it over your shoulder. All of this can be done on the move without removing the pack.

In addition to the bow scabbard is an integral rifle scabbard. The wider taper of the scabbard allows it to carry a wide range of rifles, including modern sporting rifles with their longer magazines. When not in use, the bottom of the rifle scabbard tucks up inside the pack, out of the way.

The large tubular pockets on the front run the full height of the pack to accommodate longer spotting scopes and tripods. Overall, the pack holds 1,500 cubic inches, not including the rifle scabbard. This makes it a roomy pack for several days on the trail, scouting, placing cameras or getting in position to lay in a stalk.

The pack comes with an internal Gossamer frame for stability and comfort, but is also compatible with the Intex II external tubular frame, so you can haul out the harvest at the end of the day.

The large hydration pocket means you can accommodate Eberlestock’s 100-liter hydration bladder for plenty of water for the long trail.

The wide, comfortable waist belt has MOLLE attachment loops for a holster, knife or other gear. They also will accommodate the Eberlestock Small Padded Accessory Pouches for even more storage that is easily accessible for needed items. These padded pouches are ideal for a camera, radio, GPS or other delicate items.

Wide shoulder straps with mesh inserts allow them to breathe and permit good airflow. A padded mesh back gives excellent comfort when loaded as well as great airflow to keep your back dry.

The X1A3 comes in your choice of Western Slope, Doppelganger and Timber Veil Hide-Open Camo patterns or in solid Coyote Brown brushed suede material. All of the materials are soft and quiet, as well as water resistant and rugged, just what you would expect from a company with a reputation for quality like Eberlestock. Check out the X1A3 Pack the next time you visit your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.