Leupold Optics have been a leader in the outdoors industry for years and have been used in my family for generations. My Grandpa bought one of the first VX series scopes for his .30-06 springfield. A couple generations later that .30-06 and Leopold scope are still preforming well for me. Yes, the name Leupold is synonymous with dependability.

Leupold just released an upgraded version of their BX-3 Mojave series of binoculars, the BX-3 Mojave Pro-Guide HD. The Mojave Pro-Guide binoculars are beautifully crafted and come in Kryptek Typhon or Highlander patterns. They have added high-definition performance which is really apparent at dawn and dusk. Anyone who hunts knows how crucial the first and last couple hours of daylight are and having a pair of binoculars that perform beyond expectation during those hours could be the difference of harvesting that trophy or going home empty handed. Like most of their optics, the Pro-Guide HDs have fully multi-coated lenses, giving you the crispest image possible.

The BX-3 Mojave offers an open bridge design, making them lightweight and ergonomic. They are also 100percent waterproof, making them perfect for any environment. They also have added grip for the thumbs and fingers, providing a non-slip grip even with a wet exterior. The added grip also makes them comfortable to hold giving you less strain on your hands. The longer you can stay behind the glass looking for your target animal, the better your odds are on landing it.

One of the things that I absolutely love about Leupold is the Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee. The guarantee covers any of your Leupold products for the life of the product. If the product is not performing the way you think it should, send it in to the guys at Leupold and they will repair or replace it for free. Optics for most of us are a big investment, but with Leupold, you get the peace of mind that they will always perform.